SCA and Seine-Normandy Water Agency carry out environmental restoration of wetland area

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SCA and Seine-Normandy Water Agency carry out environmental restoration of wetland area

December 10, 2014 - 18:25
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STOCKHOLM, Dec 3, 2014 (Press Release) - 

SCA and the local Seine-Normandy Water Agency have together carried out a major environmental restoration of the wetland area around SCAs personal care and tissue plant in Hondouville, France. The work reduces the risk of pollution and secures the future of the industrial activities alongside the Iton river and is an excellent example of long-term, sustainable industrial development.

The aim of this project was to improve the ecological status of the Iton river. A sluice gate that was blocking the movement of sediment and fish has been removed to allow the river to flow more freely and naturally.

Corinne Seigneurbieux, Environmental Manager at the SCA Hondouville plant explains: 

"The river which used to run through the industrial site and which was cutting off our main water treatment facility is now running outside the industrial site. This means that in the future we can avoid any risk of accidental pollution caused by leakages. The works have also made it easier for us to maintain our main water treatment plant and all our other hydraulic structures. As of now, we can access them more easily."

A section of the river was filled in by removing soil from the opposite bank of the river. 5,000 m3 of soil was used for the infill, the equivalent of 200 truckloads. This has had the added benefit of reconnecting the river with the floodplain alongside it.

"The river level has been lowered and the banks levelled off. The meadow will become a wetland, which will increase biodiversity. We hope we will soon be welcoming the yellow-bellied toad, which is one of our project objectives," says Corinne.

Christophe Dorin, SCA Hondouville Mill Manager concludes: 

"This project is perfectly aligned with the core values of SCA. We constantly strive to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment for the sake of man and nature. Not only do we live in a protected valley, but the industrial site is also very close to the local inhabitants. This project has allowed us to effectively separate the river from the site industrial activities."