Metsä Tissue joins international research team for sustainable tissue manufacturing

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Metsä Tissue joins international research team for sustainable tissue manufacturing

June 09, 2010 - 23:51
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ESPOO, Finland, June 10, 2010 (Press Release) -Metsä Tissue is part of an international research team appointed to look into ways of enhancing the environmental and economic sustainability of tissue paper production. In addition to Metsä Tissue, the team comprises representatives from Karlstad University, Metso and Södra. Kicking off in June, the three-year project has received a donation of 2.5 million Swedish crowns from the Swedish KK Foundation.

Metsä Tissue, producer of tissue and cooking papers, is well-known for its active environmental work and continuous improvement processes. "This project is well in line with our strategic targets and today's way of working," comments Lars Warvne, SVP Technology and Operations, Metsä Tissue, which is a part of Metsäliitto Group.

"Sustainability in all our actions is an integral part of our business strategy. It is also an important criterion in our investment decisions," he continues. "For years we have been minimizing the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle, from sourcing of raw materials to production and consumption right through to their disposal. We have been doing this in co-operation with our suppliers, customers, business partners and consumers."

"We believe that the best results can be reached through networking and in this case through co-operation between the business and academic worlds," adds Jarkko Kaplin, VP Purchasing from Metsä Tissue.

"Karlstad University has been conducting research in the field of tissue for ten years. A research project focusing on sustainability carried out in co-operation with industrial partners strengthens our profile as a modern university", concludes Christophe Barbier, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator for the project at Karlstad University.

Volume-wise, toilet paper and household towels are the most important consumer goods made of tissue paper. The project aims to decrease energy consumption in tissue manufacturing by optimizing its fibre properties and composition as well as the amount of fibres and water used in the process.

"We are enthusiastic to have this opportunity to take part in such an important project working for the good of the environment, consumers and businesses alike," says Kaplin.

The project committee consists of Luciano Beghello, Karlstad University; Sverker Albertsson, Södra Innovation; Jarkko Kaplin, Metsä Tissue; Ingvar Klerelid, Metso and Christophe Barbier, Karlstad University.