Metso introduces high speed all-in-one tissue sensor

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Metso introduces high speed all-in-one tissue sensor

March 19, 2010 - 02:36
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HELSINKI, March 19, 2010 (Press Release) -

After extensive field testing in tissue mills, Metso is now delivering a new all-in-one sensor which measures tissue fiber weight and moisture simultaneously in the PaperIQ Select quality control system. The new sensor, called IQFiber, measures fiber weight and moisture on the same spot of paper using a multi-channel infrared detector. The need for a traditional basis weight sensor with a nuclear source has been eliminated. Therefore, the time and costs involved in nuclear safety training, nuclear licenses and specialized service and safety requirements have been eliminated.

IQFiber is installed in numerous tissue mills using virgin pulp or 100% recycled furnish. Users of the IQFiber sensor report lower maintenance and cleaning requirements, leading to increased productivity. Also, with more precise control over dry fiber weight, tissue makers have been able to reduce target sheet weight at the same quality, thereby saving valuable fiber furnish.

The speed of response and signal to noise ratio of the IQFiber measurement are significantly better than traditional nuclear sensors, making it most appropriate for the detection of transient or cyclical variations and allowing more precise control. The MD variability in the sheet is detected at a very fast 1 kHz sampling rate and the CD streak resolution is 5 mm. The signature frequency components of these fast-responding online measurements are determined by the spectral analysis capability built into the PaperIQ Select system. This high speed measurement analysis adds a significant troubleshooting capability to the system, making it possible to perform detailed online variability studies and to make process improvements..