Lorentzen & Wettre launches its fourth generation horizontal tensile tester

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Lorentzen & Wettre launches its fourth generation horizontal tensile tester

June 29, 2012 - 01:12
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STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 29, 2012 (Press Release) -Lorentzen & Wettre, a member of the ABB Group, announces the L&W Tensile Tester - its fourth generation horizontal tensile tester. It measures according to all established paper testing standards. Basic tensile properties such as tensile strength, stretch at break, TEA and tensile stiffness are measured. In addition, eight other industry standard properties can be calculated and reported. It is sensitive, with precision to measure on tissue, and strong enough to measure on packaging board.

The L&W Tensile Tester is designed with attention to ergonomics and efficiency. A large table area makes it easy to manage test-pieces, the start button is placed near the test-piece input, and the easy-to-use color touch-screen has intuitive and easy accessible menus and buttons. The instrument has a well-proven clamp design - recommended by the ISO and TAPPI standards - with a cylindrical clamp holding the test-piece in place, and guides on each clamp that ensure the alignment of the test-piece. The clamps are also totally backlash-free, for precision measurements.

This new tensile tester is the perfect choice for automatic dry and wet tensile testing of tissue paper. With the fracture toughness setup, the L&W Tensile Tester can predict fracture strength and fracture strain for a two meter long and one meter wide paper web with a 10 millimeter edge cut, only by measuring on small standard test-pieces. This large paper geometry can be used for predicting and ranking of the fracture properties of paper materials.

"With L&W Tensile Tester we have made traditional quality testing very easy, but still with high precision and trust in result", says Mr. Thomas Fürst, Product Manager, Lorentzen & Wettre.