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Kemira Fennosan PFA receives bronze innovation award from Paper Industry Technical Association in Lyon, France

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Kemira Fennosan PFA receives bronze innovation award from Paper Industry Technical Association in Lyon, France

November 19, 2013 - 15:24
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HELSINKI, Nov. 19, 2013 (Press Release) -Fennosan PFA, Kemira's microbiological control system for tissue paper making, has been awarded a Bronze Innovation Award by the Paper Industry Technical Association in France (ATIP). Dynamic companies that respond to the unmet needs of the paper industry through innovation were awarded in the Innovation Contest organized in conjunction with the annual ATIP Conference and Exhibition in Lyon, France on November 12-14, 2013.

Kemira Fennosan PFA is an environmentally sound biocide that is used as a part of the chlorine-free FennoClean PFA program. This is a significant innovation with regard to cleaner and more efficient process technology: PFA (performic acid) is a fully biodegradable product that breaks down into water and carbon dioxide, and leaves no harmful residues of AOX compounds in the tissue end-product or process water. FennoClean PFA is a halogen-free, corrosion safe and fully biodegradable biocide program that maximizes machine cleanliness and runnability while minimizing corrosion concerns.

Kemira was one of the 11 pre-selected Innovation Contest nominees. The Innovation Award and a diploma were presented to Marko Kolari, Manager, R&D, Microbe control, in front of a full audience. Marko Kolari participated in the ATIP conference with a presentation about Kemira's other novel technology, FennoClean D, and the ways it can increase sustainability in fine paper and board machines, with a case story together with Lecta Condat. Condat specializes in the manufacture of coated papers to be used for advertising materials, fine books and the press. Condat is part of the Lecta Group, one of the largest manufacturers of coated woodfree paper in Europe and the market leader in Southern Europe.

The innovation award is a result of strong team work. "We would not have been able to present this innovation without the hard work and contribution of several teams in Kemira" says Philippe Lurin, Sales Director, EMEA West, who enrolled the technology to the contest. "People from Kemira R&D, applications, equipment team, regulatory group, Paper sales and marketing have done a great job for that we have PFA technology available in Kemira today".

ATIP Conference & Exhibition is regarded as the prime meeting point of paper makers in West-Europe