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Demand for Metso's non-nuclear tissue sensor on the rise with 32 orders since 2009

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Demand for Metso's non-nuclear tissue sensor on the rise with 32 orders since 2009

March 28, 2011 - 10:30
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HELSINKI, March 28, 2011 (Press Release) -Thirty-two Metso IQ Fiber Weight Measurements have been sold since introduction in 2009.

Installed on tissue machines using virgin pulp or 100% recycled furnish, IQ Fiber has eliminated the need for a traditional basis weight sensor with a nuclear source. Mills are now saving both time and money previously needed for nuclear safety training, licenses and the specialized service and safety requirements.

Simultaneously measuring fiber weight and moisture on a tissue machine, the accurate scan averages and high-resolution CD profiles measured by IQ Fiber, provide a solid foundation for machine- and cross-direction oven dry weight controls.

In addition to excellent measurements results, IQ Fiber users have reported lower maintenance and cleaning requirements, leading to increased productivity. The response speed and signal to noise ratio of IQ Fiber are significantly better than traditional nuclear sensors. This improves the detection of transient or cyclical variations and adds a significant troubleshooting capability to the system to perform detailed online variability studies and to make process improvements.

Also Metso IQ Steam Profiler wins orders

To utilize the high measuring performance of IQ Fiber, the moisture control loop can be completed with the energy-efficient Metso IQ Steam Profiler in tissue applications. The unique profiling accuracy combined with the advanced steam injection technology of this steambox has resulted in seventeen orders for tissue applications over the last two years. With more effective steam profilers, tissue makers can increase the dryness level before yankee dryer and thereby achieve significant energy savings.

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