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Futura introduces Andromeda converting solution

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Futura introduces Andromeda converting solution

June 10, 2015 - 19:56
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LUCCA, Italy, June 8, 2015 (Press Release) -

Andromeda is a complete new converting solution, two years in development at FuturaLab, which redraws the boundaries for tissue roll products converting for the benefit of customers.

The Andromeda Showcase at Futura during It's Tissue, June 22-26, will represent an opportunity for the industry to understand why Andromeda is such a radical step changer, and to become closely acquainted with its details.

In all the key areas of process continuity, overall equipment effectiveness, safety, productivity, layout, manpower reduction and finished product quality, Andromeda sets a new benchmark.

VP of International Operations Piero Ceccon said: "Andromeda is clearly a better way to make roll products. Its innovations draw on the experiences and lessons of the past 13 years since Futura was born, and of the multi-disciplinary team at Futura whose knowledge and wisdom goes far further back than that."

CEO Fabio Boschi added: "Andromeda represents the strong belief we have in the ability of technology to benefit our customers. It is about refusing to accept the status quo and having faith in the vision of dedicated engineers and designers."