Tissue World 2018 to cover trends in manufacturing, sustainability and geopolitics in Miami, FL from March 20-23

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Tissue World 2018 to cover trends in manufacturing, sustainability and geopolitics in Miami, FL from March 20-23

February 15, 2018 - 02:06
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MIAMI, Feb. 14, 2018 (PRNewswire) -When Tissue World Miami 2018 opens its conference sessions on March 21, participants will gain insights into major trends facing the tissue industry, ranging from new manufacturing technologies to environmental and sustainability concerns to potentially tectonic shifts in international trade. As North America's premier gathering of tissue professionals, Tissue World Miami brings together the key players who are shaping the future of the global tissue industry.

Themed "When Best in Class Isn't Good Enough: Identifying Hidden Dynamics to Optimize Business Performance," the innovative program for the Business and Management Day on March 21 focuses on understanding the interdependencies to identify the dynamics within a mature tissue industry and the fast-moving trends influencing the North American economy.

"The retail and away-from-home tissue markets in North America, which includes the U.S. and Canada, reached 4.7 million tonnes (U.S. 5.2 million tons) and 2.7 million tonnes (U.S. 3 million tons), respectively, in 2017," said Svetlana Uduslivaia, head of tissue and hygiene research at Euromonitor International and a Tissue World Miami presenter. "The away-from-home market had seen a better performance, compared to stagnant retail growth, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming five years."

Business and Management Day Program

March 21

Morning Sessions

Session 1: Global Drivers

  • Latest update and outlook on North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations
  • China's industrial strategy: supply chains, buying from and selling to China
  • China's policy in short- to medium-term policy shifts
  • Using big data to address global water scarcity, aggregating and analyzing billions of data points from sensors in thousands of plants
  • Impacts of gross domestic product and demographics on the tissue market, opportunities for targeted market research and product development

Session 2: Industry Dynamics

  • Latest updates on supply-side dynamics, including the scarcity of recycled fibers, alternatives to wood pulps and status of imports to North American markets
  • What e-commerce growth means for tissue retailers and consumer: what is driving consumer choices and how does the brand landscape differ online versus in-store
  • Illustration of the full value chain retailers must consider when making key tissue purchasing decisions in the fast-moving retail environment

Afternoon Sessions

Deep Dive 1:Global Trade Shifts — Sourcing and Supply Chain Impacts

  • The issues that matter most for business planning and forecasting

Deep Dive 2:Big Data, Big Impacts?

  • State of technology and automation today, what's next and emerging new business models

Deep Dive 3:They Want It All and They Want It Now — Customers in Focus

  • Consumer, retail and manufacturer interests, viable e-commerce models, effects of discount chains on private labels, and AfH procurement and facilities

Workshops and Technical Sessions

March 20

Yankee Operations Workshop: Continuous Improvement

In a highly competitive market where step-change improvements in processes are typically no longer possible, small steps of continuous improvement are more important than ever. An expert panel focused on continuous improvement will discuss such ideas as Yankee safety, Yankee performance, crown optimization, Yankees' interaction with its technical environment and the various benefits of Yankee coating products.

March 22-23

Technical Sessions 1 through 7

Industry peers will present best practices, address challenges and provide solutions to tissue paper production through on-point and tangible presentations. Participants will gain competitive advantages and leave each technical session with a deeper understanding and new, actionable ideas about product quality, operational efficiency, energy savings, fibers, Industry 4.0, converting, chemicals, sustainability and regulatory updates.