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Sustainability top of the agenda at Tissue World Americas

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Sustainability top of the agenda at Tissue World Americas

March 05, 2014 - 11:06
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NEW YORK, March 5, 2014 (PRNewswire) - During March 18 to 21 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Tissue World Americas event will be held. Running every 2 years, the show is dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of soft hygienic tissue products like bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels and paper napkins. Tissue is a global business with an estimated value of USD 80 billion in annual turnover, and an approximate annual global growth rate of 4%, which pretty much remains unchanged regardless of economic growth or recessions.

What makes this edition of the Tissue World event so special is that a key number of topics which influence the entire tissue value matrix will be discussed in more detail than ever before. Among these are the hot topics of Sustainability and Environment, since tissue paper products are based on sometimes controversial raw materials including wood fibers, energy and water. Speakers will include Greenpeace and WWF, as well as Kimberly-Clark, SCA and IKEA.

Another very timely topic that will be covered in more detail than ever before is the market battle taking place between branded tissue such as Kleenex and Charmin, versus the private label or store brand tissue which is slowly gaining market share in America. In Europe, private label tissue dominates the market, while in America the brands still have almost 75% market share.

New tissue-making technology, such as the new Atmos, NTT and ADT will also be discussed in detail. These machine configurations have been introduced in recent years to attempt to get very high quality tissue finished product with lower energy consumption and allowing the use of recycled fiber. Direct reports from some of the mills using the technology will be given.

For the 1st time ever, a major effort has been made to get tissue buyers at retail chains and major distributors to attend the event and the brand new TRIF, Tissue Retailers and Buyers Insight Forum. This means these buyers will get actionable new insight into the tissue value matrix. The response has been very positive with over 40 buyers from major groups committed to attending.

For anyone working in or around the tissue business, or considering expanding their business into this sector, Tissue World Americas provides a unique opportunity to gather insight and do business. Over a couple intense days, they can visit the Trade Show of Vendors, and/or attend the Conference Meeting Sessions and meet thousands to tissue people. Companies will benefit from new profit-generating ideas, inspiration and solutions, as people can scan the complete market, make side by side comparisons and then purchase the best possible solutions for their operations

Remember: Trade Show attendance is FREE, while Conference participation requires paid registration. REGISTER HERE