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Cascades gives suppliers Henkel and BASF sustainability awards for products, processes, methods, and manufacturing

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Cascades gives suppliers Henkel and BASF sustainability awards for products, processes, methods, and manufacturing

February 06, 2012 - 09:00
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KINGSEY FALLS, QC, Feb. 6, 2012 (CNW) -Cascades disclosed last week the names of the winners of the 3rd edition of theSustainable Supplier Award,a contest that aims to acknowledge the commitment of its suppliers towards sustainable development. Initiated by Cascades' Corporate Procurement Department, this award enables the company to publicly underline the efforts of suppliers who have a positive impact on its products, processes, methods and manufacturing. Projects undertaken were also assessed based on their environmental, social and economic impact. Henkel and BASF earned top honours.

About Henkel
Henkel is a leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatment. Founded in 1876, the company has a strong concern for the environment, continuous improvement of processes and product quality. Its publications on sustainable development and its methodology "Achieving more with less" is eloquent proof of its philosophy in this regard. Cascades has rewarded Henkel for work well done in several Cascades Tissue Group plants. After reviewing the group's manufacturing processes, Henkel proposed a series of improvements which enabled the company, among other things, to optimize processes, increase the speed of its equipment, reduce the consumption of glues and, last but not least, to improve the quality of its products.

While attending the award ceremony, Jeff Shope, Vice-President, North America, seized the opportunity to invite Cascades' plant managers to challenge his team in various ways. Which goes to show that all of Henkel's efforts are focused on performance and value creation.

About BASF
BASF is one of the leading chemical product companies in the world and its history with Cascades is nothing new. This German company, which employs close to 110,000 employees, has become one of Cascades' largest chemical suppliers. A company of this magnitude that subscribes to a sustainable approach provides real benefits to the entire business community. Laurent Tainturier, President of BASF Canada, declared for that matter that if all companies were as attentive to continuous improvement as Cascades and BASF, the environmental, social and economic benefits would be considerable.

BASF projects were carried out in Norampac's containerboard plants. The use of new technology not only enabled an increase in this group's productivity, but also a reduction in the basis weight of its products and a reduction in the quantity of energy required to manufacture them. These are all improvements that allow the company to remain competitive.

TheSustainable Supplier Awardis a striking example of how important sustainable development is for Cascades. According to Alain Lemaire, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cascades, "if our products comply with the highest environmental standards, it is partly due to our partners who provide concrete solutions and who help us apply them".

The award ceremony was held during the annual meeting of Cascades plant managers in North America, that is to say, in the presence of close to 100 people. An excellent venue for suppliers wishing to promote their expertise to the other units of the company.

Founded in 1964, Cascades produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products that are composed mainly of recycled fibres. The Company employs close to 11,000 employees, who work in more than 100 units located in North America and Europe. Its management philosophy, its more than 45 years of experience in recycling and its continued efforts in research and development are strengths that enable Cascades to create new products for its customers. Cascades' shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbolCAS.