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APP commits to increased transparency and sustainable fiber sourcing in Indonesia in response to WWF report

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APP commits to increased transparency and sustainable fiber sourcing in Indonesia in response to WWF report

February 09, 2012 - 01:55
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JAKARTA, Feb. 9, 2012 (Business Wire) -Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) today is responding to a report issued by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) about APP customers' tissue brands Paseo and Livi sold in the U.S. WWF has launched a campaign targeted at U.S. supermarkets to be more discerning in choosing the tissue paper they supply to consumers.

"The issues that WWF raise in the report are important and we take them seriously in our organization. We agree with WWF that consumers should not have to choose between tigers and toilet paper, and that companies like APP play a crucial role in ensuring that Americans have a choice of high quality, sustainably sourced paper products," remarked Aida Greenbury, APP's managing director of sustainability and stakeholder relations.

As an Indonesian company part of APP's responsibility is to make sure that the rich biodiversity in the country's forests are conserved. WWF called on APP to undertake three key steps and APP is happy to respond on each point:

  • APP is in the process of engaging experts to conduct High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) assessments of its directly controlled pulpwood concessions as a first step and then will roll out these assessments across its entire supply base.

  • As with any business entity, opportunities for expansion and investments are reviewed thoroughly by APP for the business to remain competitive. Any future expansion will take into account business viability and alignment with APP's sustainability values.

  • APP is working with multi-stakeholders, including an international NGO and reputable third parties, to construct its Sustainability Roadmap that includes the key components of increased transparency and sustainable fiber sourcing. An international third party NGO who will monitor the roadmap's implementation is part of this roadmap.

"We are implementing these changes now but require time as it involves multi-stakeholder collaboration. We commit to transparently reporting on our program in implementing these actions. We embrace sustainability as an important value in all aspects of our operations and supply chain. We recognize the need to ensure that all our supply chain partners act in accordance with our sustainability values and we are taking steps to ensure this is the case. We welcome inputs from all stakeholders, including customers and all responsible NGOs such as WWF to focus on solutions for sustainable paper products," Greenbury concluded.