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Buckman to showcase new technologies, applications and technical expertise at Tissue World Americas; March 20-23

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Buckman to showcase new technologies, applications and technical expertise at Tissue World Americas; March 20-23

February 26, 2012 - 20:00
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MEMPHIS, TN, Feb. 27, 2012 (Press Release) -

Buckman will showcase its latest products and technology at Tissue World Americas 2012, taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center, March 20 through 23. Buckman is a regular attendee at Tissue World Americas, the only conference and exhibition targeted at the North and South American producers, converters, distributors, traders and suppliers of soft hygiene tissue paper.

Buckman offers tissue manufacturers worldwide an unmatched combination of new technology, application and technical expertise, and is continually striving to provide more effective and sustainable products for tissue manufacturers. Multiple new products and product advances will be showcased by Buckman at the event.

"This event and its associated technical conference covering new developments in the tissue business present an ideal platform for Buckman to demonstrate its leadership and innovation," said Mark Christopher, Global Market Development Manager - Tissue. "At a conference and exhibition that have been very well received by the industry, we will be offering attendees a unique opportunity to learn about new techniques and methods to improve operations and profits."

Among the products that will be featured by Buckman at Tissue World are:

Buckman's SELECTSM Yankee dryer adhesive system. This package provides coating optimization never before achievable with other Yankee dryer packages. SELECT uses a combination of a robust hybrid adhesive in combination with a soft rewettable coating to allow the tissue manufacturer to optimize pressure roll attachment and coating adhesion levels independently.

Buckman 691 softening technology. This technology gives tissue manufacturers access to a lotion-like feel via a product that can be applied into the manufacturing wet end instead of converting.

Maximyze 2535 and 2523S are recently developed enzymatic products created specifically to condition virgin softwood and recycled fiber. This treatment can improve bonding strength, tensile, softness, and bulk as well as reduce energy usage.

Buckman's innovative creping technologies for TAD, ATMOS and other structured tissue technologies, result in better quality and productivity for Buckman customers.

In addition to participation in the conference, Buckman's Tissue Product Specialist Jackie Allen will present a paper as part of the Yankee Reliability Summit on Tuesday, March 20. Titled Sustainable Yankee Release Chemistry, and co-authored by Buckman's Jackie Allen, Daniel Glover and Jian Tan, the paper addresses Buckman's most recent product development efforts centered on readily biodegradable Yankee releases derived from mostly food-grade vegetable materials. Yankee releases have been traditionally produced from petroleum based raw materials. Replacing these non-renewable petroleum oils with this new, renewable technology, can provide reduced usage, increased stretch for unit used, and a much cleaner Yankee edge - all characteristics that tissue makers welcome. This paper will show a portion of the laboratory techniques and data used for product development as well as mill evaluation data on a high-speed tissue machine.

Attendees can visit Buckman at Booth 550 in Exhibition Hall A for more information on Buckman products and technologies.