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Office Depot partners with Cascades to create 100% recycled and unbleached Moka brand bathroom tissue

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Office Depot partners with Cascades to create 100% recycled and unbleached Moka brand bathroom tissue

March 14, 2012 - 05:55
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ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, March 13, 2012 (Press Release) -Starting this week, Office Depot, a leading global provider office supplies and services, launches the new Cascades Moka 100% recycled unbleached and undyed bathroom tissue. The product is available nation-wide at and through their BSD (Business Solutions Division) sales team.

In addition to being the first bathroom tissue to eliminate chemical whitening, a process introduced solely to enhance aesthetics, Cascades Moka gets 80% of its pulp mix from post-consumer material and 20% from recovered corrugated boxes, reducing environmental impact from production by 25%. Speaking about aesthetics, the resulting color of this recipe is a light beige.

"Beige is the new green, at least as it relates to towel and tissue," said Cascades Tissue Group CEO Suzanne Blanchet, who championed Cascades Moka bath tissue's development. "The last several years have brought about countless habit changes meant to preserve the environment. The quality of this bath tissue hasn't been sacrificed one bit, so adjusting to a new color seems like a small step to take for even greater sustainability."

According to recent industry data, 3.4 million tons of bath tissue is used annually in the U.S. Approximately 30.6 million trees and 68 million gigajoules of energy (equal to the annual consumption of 619,811 households) would be saved if a complete swap to Cascades' Moka was made across the country.

"At Office Depot, we have a global environmental vision to buy greener, be greener and sell greener," said Yalmaz Siddiqui, Senior Director of Environmental Strategy for Office Depot. "We know our greenest customers seek the environmentally-preferable options in every product category - and Cascades Moka gives them a credible new choice in bathroom tissue." Office Depot was recognized by Newsweek as #1 Greenest Large Retailer in 2010 and has implemented a range of sustainable initiatives that can be found in its annual Corporate Citizenship report.

"As customers are increasingly watching environmental trends and subsequently adopting them for their households or businesses, the demand for innovative, green products is on the rise," said Suzanne Blanchet, Chief Executive Officer for Cascades Tissue Group. "We are pleased to help Office Depot deliver on its promise to 'buy greener' and 'sell greener' by helping them become one of the first resellers to offer Cascades Moka."