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Xerium Technologies to present energy saving roll technology at 2017 Tissue World in Milan, Italy on April 12

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Xerium Technologies to present energy saving roll technology at 2017 Tissue World in Milan, Italy on April 12

April 05, 2017 - 05:35
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YOUNGSVILLE, NC, April 5, 2017 (Business Wire) -Xerium Technologies, Inc. (XRM), a leading global provider of industrial consumable products and services, announced today that Mr. Philipp Salmannshofer, Press Optimization & Application Manager for EMEA, will present a technical paper titled “Energy Savings from Advances in Tissue Suction Pressure Roll Venting” at Tissue World Milan on April 12, 2017.

Mr. Salmannshofer’s paper will focus on Xerium’s innovative and recently patented roll cover venting technology called EnerVentTM. This new roll cover is enabling tissuemakers to significantly reduce energy consumption while optimizing production costs and enhancing end-product quality.

Mr. Salmannshofer has held a number of Application Engineering positions during his more than 10 years at Huyck.Wangner / Xerium in both press felt and roll cover applications.

With an extensive background in press optimization, Mr. Salmannshofer is skilled in analyzing conditions and identifying opportunities for improved performance. Utilizing proprietary systems to simulate machine operation, Mr. Salmannshofer can evaluate machine configurations and production variables to quickly understand how to maximize performance and achieve the greatest potential for improved quality, machine speeds, and reduced operating costs.

During his session, Mr. Salmannshofer will review several case studies highlighting this new technology.

“As global tissuemakers face increasing demands for higher efficiency, improved tissue sheet quality, and reduced energy consumption, our engineering team responded by developing the highly successful EnerVent concept to help them achieve their goals,” said Bill Butterfield, the Company’s EVP & CTO.

“Speeds continue to increase as do the requirements for roll covers and machine clothing to handle the high water loads on modern tissue machines. Our customers have been very pleased to experience a new-concept roll cover technology that is performing at a very high level on these very demanding positions. Unlike conventional covers, EnerVent is uniquely engineered with various combinations of drilled and grooved patterns that prevent problematic degradation of performance during the cover’s running life,” said Butterfield.

The presentation will not only highlight EnerVent technology, but also Xerium’s unique RezolveTM machine simulation system. Rezolve combines sophisticated predictive analysis with real-time process monitoring to provide tissuemakers with innovative decision-making tools to significantly enhance machine performance while minimizing downtime and cost-per-ton.

“The Rezolve system utilizes hundreds of variables on a paper machine to develop fact-based technical recommendations on clothing and roll cover technology, rather than relying merely on subjective opinions. Ultimately, our technologies create customized solutions for each machine, delivering documented improved machine performance, while also supporting sustainability and reductions in energy, fiber and specialty chemicals,” said Butterfield.


Xerium Technologies, Inc. (XRM) is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of consumable products used primarily in the production of containerboard, tissue, consumer packaging, pulp and paper. In addition, the Company also services nonwoven fabric manufacturers, building products producers, and other specialty industrial sectors. The Company’s products, machine clothing and roll covers, are installed on machines and perform critical roles in the manufacturing process by which raw materials are converted into finished products. The Company employs a broad portfolio of patented and proprietary product and manufacturing technologies, as well as extensive industry experience, to provide customers with tailored solutions designed to optimize the performance of their equipment and reduce the costs of their operations. XRM is a global enterprise selling to customers in 63 countries, with 28 manufacturing facilities in 13 countries and approximately 2,950 employees.