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Albaad Group acquires Spanish wet wipes manufacturer Optimal Care

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Albaad Group acquires Spanish wet wipes manufacturer Optimal Care

May 20, 2021 - 02:55
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MASSUOT YITZHAK, Israel, May 19, 2021 (Pressebox) -Albaad Group, manufacturer of wet wipes and tampons, announces the acquisition of the Spanish wet wipes producer Optimal Care. The company will become the "Albaad Iberia" division, which will be integrated into Albaad's European subsidiary in Germany. With the expansion of its presence in Europe, Albaad further strengthens its market leadership role.

Optimal Care, located near Madrid, with approximately 300 employees and 60 million euros in turnover, is a leading supplier of wet wipes products in Spain, Portugal and Southern French markets. "In addition to its position in the market, we were also convinced by the good reputation of the products quality as well as customer satisfaction," says Dan Mesika, Albaad’s CEO and President.

Through this acquisition, Albaad will implement its strategic plan to become the leading manufacturer of wet wipes in the European market under the leadership of Wolfgang Tenbusch, Albaad’s Europe President – with key strongholds in Central EU (Germany), East EU (Poland) and now South EU (Spain and Portugal). Expanding the European coverage will enable Albaad to give better service to our customers, react faster to market needs and changing regulations. Furthermore, the company can provide better products, lower transportation costs, ensure optimized production capacity, and give more localized customer support.

Focus on sustainable innovations

“We at Albaad understand and embrace the importance of innovation as an engine that drives growth and are committed to deliver environmentally friendly products”, explains Mesika. The acquisition of Optimal Care strengthens the company's capabilities in innovation and R&D. Mesika adds: "This step puts us in a position to reduce the environmental impact of, for example, logistical challenges such as carbon dioxide emissions caused by long transport routes. After all, sustainability is our top priority."

Together with Optimal Care, the company will be able to further drive the development of trendsetting products and also expand its portfolio, he added. "This will increase our effectiveness in the local market and offer our customers the best solutions," says Mesika.

Combined expertise

Optimal Care will become the Albaad Iberia business. Mesika explains that their joint objective is to maintain its entrepreneurial way and local culture whilst aligning it within their Albaad European operation. Optimal Care becomes the Albaad Iberia business unit. The common goal is to maintain Optimal Care's entrepreneurial path and local culture despite the integration. "We see the Optimal Care team as an equal partner on a par with us and believe that their expertise will be of great benefit to the Albaad Group as we jointly focus on best practices and existing capabilities," says Mesika.

There will be no operational changes for Optimal Care customers and employees initially, he adds. "We will continue to communicate transparently throughout the onboarding process and look forward to building a stronger joint company together," Mesika emphasizes.