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Favini launches 100% recyclable food packaging made from beans

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Favini launches 100% recyclable food packaging made from beans

September 29, 2015 - 19:58

MILAN, Italy, Sept. 28, 2015 (Press Release) Favini, the innovative Italian paper manufacturer, together with Pedon, based in Vicenza and now one of the leading players worldwide in grains, beans and seeds-united by their green philosophies and their dedication to the environment-have created Crush Bean, the first 100% recyclable paper made using bean by-products. This paper is designed for food-industry packaging and is certified for direct contact with foodstuffs.

The creation of this new ecological paper falls within the scope of the ethical project "Save the Waste", which Pedon is promoting in order to support a culture of corporate responsibility from the manufacturer to the consumer. This project also ensures the use of non-GMO seeds grown by thousands of local farmers as part of the program to support farming and the economy. Backed by hundreds of hours of research and fine-tuning, including 25 years of experience in the field of ecological paper, Favini proved to be the ideal partner for Pedon in launching this unique new product. Crush Bean comes from bean by-products, thereby reducing the use of virgin cellulose of tree origin by 15% and lowering greenhouse-gas emissions by 20%. The result is GMO-free, FSC-certified ecological packaging paper that features 30% post-consumption recycled fibre.

Crush Bean is Favini's first paper to be suited for applications in which the packaging comes into direct food contact. Ecologically speaking, this avoids the need for double packaging, making for a truly environmentally friendly solution to reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials. The graphics on the packaging, developed by Lucaprint, have been printed using ecological ink, and the transparent window in PLA is made using plant-based by-products, so the total packaging is 100% recyclable. The development of this new eco-friendly paper is the natural evolution of the experience FAVINI has gained through the production of Shiro Alga Carta, this paper is produced using excess algae found in endangered lagoon environments. Favini then extended their offer and developed Crush which is an extraordinarily innovative ecological paper made using various agro-industrial by-products and which has been met with unprecedented levels of success around the world in recent years.

"We are proud of what we have achieved together with Pedon and of having created an ecological packaging paper within such an ethical, socially beneficial project as ‘Save the Waste'. Obtaining such high-quality paper out of a by-product of limited value is a new form of upcycling, or creative reuse, that is perfectly in line with Favini's green philosophy and is another step forward in the quest for alternative materials," said Eugenio Eger, Managing Director Favini.

Favini Srl

Favini is worldwide leader in the design and production of textures and finishing solutions for eco-leather for fashion, luxury, design, IT and technical sportswear sectors. Favini is also a leading global producer of graphics specialties - natural fibres-based, such as cellulose, algae, fruits, etc - for the packaging of luxury and fashion industries. It also operates in the converting products industry sector that includes activities related to the creation and production of stationery for schools, offices and the leisure sector, for the high-end market.