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Italian folding cartons and blister cards manufacturer Igb installs new 2013 version Bobst Expertcut die-cutter

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Italian folding cartons and blister cards manufacturer Igb installs new 2013 version Bobst Expertcut die-cutter

May 21, 2013 - 23:53

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, May 21, 2013 (Press Release) -Italian graphics and converting company Igb S.r.l has substantially increased plant capacity and product quality by being the first company in Italy to install the new '2013 version' BOBST EXPERTCUT 106 PER die-cutter.

The new version EXPERTCUT 106 PER began production in December and has given the company the ability to separate cartons, removing the need for breaking the blanks apart by hand. Dino Bressan, Founder of Igb S.r.l said, "We have used BOBST die-cutting equipment for over thirty years and have seen the technology constantly move forward, something that is essential to us if we are to deliver excellent quality at a fair price. This latest BOBST investment has given us additional capacity thanks to its high die-cutting performance, high uptime and reduced manual handling. At the same time it is delivering the excellent quality that our customers demand."

The company produces folding cartons and blister cards for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and luxury confectionery markets in north Italy and Switzerland, where it is the market leader in the canton of Ticino. Alessio Bressan, Managing Director, says that the company follows a program of balanced and sustained investments in people, technology and processes that has enabled it to continually grow its client portfolio. The EXPERTCUT 106 PER is the latest of these investments keeping with the company's policy of working at the cutting edge of technology to deliver sophisticated, safe and traceable folding cartons. "This is the first of the new generation EXPERTCUT 106's in Italy. It has a number of innovative ideas that give us the productivity and quality we need.

Talking about the ability to now automatically separate cartons from the waste skeleton, Alessio Bressan says, "That alone has helped our efficiency and also improves the performance and quality of downstream processes because they receive a flatter blank. The new machine is also fast to make ready, quick to get back in production after a stop, and creates less waste, so it helps with our environmental aims as well."

The blanking section of the new EXPERCUT has a new feature called Quick Set which makes the section very fast and easy to set thanks to all the non-stop fingers locking and un-locking by pushing a single one button. "Also the tool frames don't have to be set back to zero when changing jobs, which makes changeovers quick and easy for the operator," says Alessio Bressan.

Igb is always looking for new solutions that can aid its production of aesthetically and functionally special products says Dino Bressan. "The Power Register II system on the new EXPERTCUT means that the print-to-cut register of every sheet is perfect which is very important for better quality of the end product."

The EXPERTCUT 106 PER has several new features which reduce stops in production and increase productive time, thereby increasing plant capacity. Among others these include a new, fully independent feeder called Smart Feeder II for speeding up a restart of the press after a stop caused during feeding, and a new tie-sheet inserter which optimizes the interval at which tie-sheets are inserted.

Smart Feeder II is fitted with a suction head with changed geometry and has new features that ensure quick setting and consistent feeding, whatever the substrate. New feed table equipment reduces the number of sheets lost during a machine stop, is quicker to set, and delivers more consistent sheet transportation. Working in conjunction with the Smart Feeder II, new Tool Saver technology instantly takes the pressure from the platen section when no sheet is present. This removal of pressure increases the operational life of tooling, allowing high quality cutting to be maintained for an increased number of impressions. As soon as the feeding of sheets restarts, the press returns to the pre-set production speed and platen pressure with no need to ramp up, reducing lost production to a minimum. The new EXPERTCUT 106 PER also calculates the optimum tie-sheet interruption based on the thickness of the carton, saving as many as seven sheets per tie-sheet insertion cycle. Considering the number of tie-sheets that need to be inserted per pallet, this new system delivers substantial time and output gains.

Alessio Bressan said, "All these features add up and make this machine very productive as soon as it starts running, which means we have considerable additional capacity for our customers. It also improves our quality, reduces our process waste and saves on tooling. Overall we gain in flexibility and quality which means we can service our customers better."