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Sweden's Innventia and design studio Tomorrow Machine receive Dieline Sustainable Packaging Award 2013 for their Sustainable Expanding Bowl

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Sweden's Innventia and design studio Tomorrow Machine receive Dieline Sustainable Packaging Award 2013 for their Sustainable Expanding Bowl

June 24, 2013 - 22:34

STOCKHOLM, June 24, 2013 (Press Release) -The Swedish research institute Innventia and design studio Tomorrow Machine have been awarded The Dieline Sustainable Packaging Award 2013 for the "Sustainable Expanding Bowl". The result of this unique collaboration between materials scientists and designers are an expanding and self-opening food packaging in a new mechano-active cellulose based material that would lead to significant reductions in transport costs. The award was presented on 23 June in connection with the Dieline Package Design Conference 2013 in San Francisco.

The award-winning package has already met worldwide interest on design and material blogs. Photos and videos show the initially compact package grow as the hot water is added, and finally open up ready for the meal. The ingenious construction has been designed by Anna Glansén and Hanna Billqvist at the design studio Tomorrow Machine, in a unique collaboration with materials scientists at Innventia. The starting point for the designers was the features of the material itself, a cardboard with active properties that respond to heat and moisture. Thanks to the expanding function, the package size is minimized which will avoid transporting air in the package. Normally, this type of food packaging consists of as much as two-thirds air.

The Sustainable Expanding Bowl is a so-called demonstrator, a prototype developed to demonstrate the possibilities of a new interactive material produced from renewable resources. The attention created by this demonstrator has shown that there is a need for functional packaging from renewable materials. With The Dieline's award, the researchers hope that the material development will accelerate and catch up with market need.

"When researchers and designers come together sparks fly. This collaboration is exactly what we were looking for to take our research results further to the market. Now, this old material idea got me to go across the Atlantic to collect the first prize in a design competition. It's amazing," says Hjalmar Granberg, scientist within Innventia's research area New materials and functions.

"It's incredibly exciting to work with scientists and be able to take part in the process of researching,­ before a material is completely developed. We as designers are then able to control the material's properties and so we can create a product from a material that is fully optimized for what the product is meant to do. The opportunity to work with Innventia in particular was fantastic, as we share the same vision of making sustainable solutions for the future," says Hanna Billqvist.

"We are very grateful and honoured to be the first winners of the Dieline's Sustainability category, which is newly instated this year. It is also exciting to take part in the conference held in connection with award ceremony in San Francisco," Anna Glansén adds.

Facts about the award:

The Dieline Package Design Awards are worldwide competition devoted exclusively to the art of consumer package design. The Dieline Package Design Awards were launched in 2009 in order to bring more awareness to the importance of well-designed packaging. The awards, for the 2013 edition 13 different categories, are judged by a highly esteemed panel of 10 industry experts from around the world, and awarded based on Creativity, Marketability, and Innovation.

Facts about the project:

The demonstrator was developed in Innventia's project Babelfish during 2012-2013, financed by VINNOVA (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems). The project team consisted of Sandra Pousette, project manager (Innventia), Marie-Claude Béland, research and business coordinator (Innventia), Hjalmar Granberg, material scientist (Innventia), Mikael Lindström, research manager and och deputy director business area Packaging Solutions (Innventia), Hanna Billqvist and Anna Glansén, designers (Tomorrow Machine).