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Tension Packaging & Automation launches Tension PFI color 1/2-fold printer-folder-inserter for printing automation

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Tension Packaging & Automation launches Tension PFI color 1/2-fold printer-folder-inserter for printing automation

October 24, 2012 - 05:15

KANSAS CITY, MO, Oct. 24, 2012 (Business Wire) -At the Oct. 23-25 PARCEL Forum 12 in Chicago, Tension Packaging & Automation will introduce its Tension PFI, a color 1/2-fold printer-folder-inserter that automates the printing, verification and fulfillment of products within direct-to-consumer markets.

The Tension PFI, featuring a RISO color inkjet printer, prints an image of the product directly onto the order information sheet, allowing the customer to cross-reference with what is in the package. It prints, folds and inserts documents, packing slips and invoices into a tote or packing carton before reaching the fulfillment center's packing station.

The Tension PFI improves accuracy through use of RFID technology, and provides transpromotional opportunities for merchants to increase revenue by inserting coupons or special offers for potential future purchases. By automating the fulfillment process, it also increases efficiency, and may help reduce staffing requirements and cost per order.

"With successful applications in the pharmaceutical industry, we knew the Tension PFI would be equally beneficial for direct-to-consumer applications," said Karen Loggia, director of marketing at Kansas City, Mo.-based Tension Corporation. "Whether it's vitamins, a book or a team-logoed sweatshirt, an image of the item packed inside lets customers know immediately that their order was filled accurately."

"The Tension PFI is the newest installment to our lineup to help ensure order fulfillment accuracy and provide a cost-effective method to market additional products and services to the end customer," stated Ken Myers, director of Tension Packaging & Automation. "It's core to the high-output fulfillment systems Tension designs, builds and implements."

About Tension

Tension Packaging & Automation, a division of Tension Corporation, designs, builds and integrates automated equipment and major systems for direct-to-consumer order fulfillment centers and mail-order, central-fill and specialty pharmacies. Using both proprietary equipment and field-tested automation provided by key equipment partners, Tension provides automation solutions for both new and retrofitted operations. Tension Packaging & Automation is based in Kansas City, Mo., and has production operations and regional sales offices across the country. Previously Tension Envelope Corporation, Tension Corporation was founded in 1886 and has a long history of providing innovative solutions backed with premium support. Visit, write to or call 816-283-1475.