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PaperWorks offers multi-sensory graphic enhancements for increased shelf-presence

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PaperWorks offers multi-sensory graphic enhancements for increased shelf-presence

December 13, 2012 - 08:53

BALDWINSVILLE, NY, Dec. 13, 2012 (Press Release) -PaperWorks Packaging Group, a leading North American integrated full-service packaging provider, offers a broad portfolio of striking packaging finishes for consumer goods manufacturers, including HoloBrite® holographic effects and AccuScent® microencapsulated "scratch n' sniff" labels, as well as AccuBrite® metallic finishes and SoftTouch® specialty tactile coating. Advanced printing capabilities and expertise allow PaperWorks to provide high-impact effects that not only catch the eye, but also appeal to the consumer's sense of smell and touch. Applied in-line on PaperWorks printing presses, these select effects enable manufacturers to streamline the finishing process, resulting in cost savings and providing several benefits, such as sustainability advantages, expanded design options, and increased speed-to-market.

"Statistics show that more than half of purchasing decisions are made at point-of-purchase," according to John Hartwell, executive vice president, PaperWorks Packaging Group. "Our portfolio of innovative multi-sensory graphic enhancements grab shoppers' attention and help differentiate brands on the shelf."

Using an embossed coating to make holographic effects during printing, HoloBrite® combines metallic inks with the process, eliminating the need for Holographic MetPET and removing a secondary process - laminating PET to paperboard - to reduce costs. The effect can also be achieved without metallic inks, further reducing expenditures. Additional benefits include package weight reduction and sustainability, due to the elimination of Holographic MetPET, making the package fully recyclable and re-pulpable.

AccuScent® is a press (in line) application for microencapsulation of scents, eliminating the need for a secondary application process. Easily incorporated into compelling graphic designs, AccuScent streamlines the process, reducing costs, and providing consistent and reliable performance. In addition, AccuScent allows for a variety of different scents and can be customized for nearly any application.

AccuBrite® is a patterned metalized direct transfer technology that can replace the conventional hot stamping process or full MetPET lamination, allowing for a mirror metallic finish and selective patterned reproduction. AccuBrite provides full color overprint capabilities, is RFID compatible, and does not change the key characteristics of cartons (i.e. opening force, adhesive, etc.). Using AccuBrite in place of MetPET lamination provides sustainability benefits, as well as increased flexibility in design options.

Press applied UV coating technology, SoftTouch can be used to create a premium look and velvety feel to the touch. The enhancement process can be incorporated onto graphic designs to highlight consumer messages and images on the package. SoftTouch allows for in-line application using Flexo or Primography with high volume specialty anilox to control coating application. The coefficient of friction (COF) numbers can be adjusted and rub tests meet current packaging standards.

"We understand the intense competition that our customers face as they look for new and effective ways to capture the consumer's attention," says Hartwell. "PaperWorks' innovative multi-sensory graphic enhancements encourage interaction between the consumer and the packaging, increasing the likelihood of a purchase decision."

About PaperWorks Industries

Founded in 2008, PaperWorks Industries, Inc. is a leading North American integrated full-service packaging provider. The company's Packaging Group is considered a leading innovator in the production of specialized folding cartons, serving clients of all sizes across North America from 10 facilities. Its Paperboard Group manufactures approximately 300,000 tons of 100% recycled paperboard every year for a variety of end uses, and further specializes in the cutting and distribution of all paper types according to specific customer needs. PaperWorks Industries is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. It is home to over 1600 employees across 17 North American locations with annual sales in excess of US$600 million.