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Self-chilling can recognized as most innovative packaging design of 2012

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Self-chilling can recognized as most innovative packaging design of 2012

November 28, 2012 - 01:20

IRVINE, CA, Nov. 28, 2012 (PRNewswire) -The world's first Self-Chilling Beverage Can, patented, manufactured, and licensed by the Joseph Company International, Inc. has been recognized by the most prestigious beverage and packaging entities as the most innovative packaging design of 2012.

At Supply Side West '12, the leading international food, beverage and supplement exposition and conference held this year in Las Vegas, presented Joseph Company International, Inc. CEO Mitchell Joseph with its coveted Editor's Choice Award for Packaging Design for the Self-Chilling can currently used under license by West Coast Chill Pure Energy. The Joseph Company International, Inc. patented technology is being introduced into dozens of global markets in addition to its current United States distribution.

Joseph Company International, Inc. and the Self-Chilling Beverage Can were also recognized by the beverage world's most stalwart publication, The Beverage Industry. The Beverage Industry staff nominated ten beverage packages for its Best Packages of 2012 article. Samples of the products were displayed at Pack Expo International 2012 in Chicago and voted upon at the show and online. The Self-Chilling Can with West Coast Chill Pure Energy received the highest number of votes and was recognized as Best Package of 2012.

Joseph Company International, Inc. CEO Mitchell Joseph said, "The beverage, food and later other industries such as the medical and cosmetic fields will be provided a unique opportunity to share in the Self-Chilling Packaging Technology that our company has pioneered over more than twenty years. We hope to have an open door relationship with hundreds of like-minded companies by supplying them new growth opportunities for tens of thousands of current and new markets."

West Coast Chill Pure Energy, The Natural Evolution of Energy Drinks, contains NO SUGAR, NO CAFFEINE, and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS and is the first finished product to use the Chill Can technology developed by Joseph Company International, Inc. The award winning eco-friendly micro-cool technology uses CO2 reclaimed from the atmosphere and activated by a renewable carbon vegetable source. An activation button on the bottom of the can allows the beverage to drop 30 degrees within minutes; it requires no refrigeration or outside energy.

Use of Micro-cool® and the Chill Can® by West Coast Chill, Inc. ( is done through license under the authority of Joseph Company International, Inc. (