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Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions’ Dr. Michael Richmond inducted into the Michigan State University Packaging Alumni Hall of Fame

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Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions’ Dr. Michael Richmond inducted into the Michigan State University Packaging Alumni Hall of Fame

April 03, 2013 - 13:29

DOWNERS GROVE, IL, April 3, 2013 (Business Wire) -Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions' announced today Dr. Michael Richmond's induction into the Michigan State University (MSU) Packaging Alumni Hall of Fame at the April 3, 2013 Annual Awards Banquet at MSU in East Lansing, Michigan. The award, established in 1995, recognizes alumni who are known for their support of the School of Packaging and Michigan State University, career accomplishments, community service, along with recognition of membership in other Packaging Professional societies.

"Mike was definitely an influence and inspiration for me early on," said co-nominator Gail Tavill, Vice President, Sustainable Development, ConAgra. "He has always been a great voice and advocate for the packaging industry; showing how packaging contributes to the value of the product and how packaging professionals contribute value to their companies and teams. Mike thinks big - big picture and in big terms and I would like to congratulate him on his induction to the MSU Packaging Hall of Fame. His contributions to our industry and alma mater have made it well earned!"

Dr. Richmond currently serves as Vice President at Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, a division of HAVI Global Solutions, LLC. He is a strategic business and technical leader with 25 years of experience with recognized companies and brands, including Kellogg, Kraft, and Michigan State University, including a founding partner of PTIS, a recognized leader in packaging consulting and resourcing across the global packaging value chain. Dr. Richmond was the lead author on Creating Value Through Packaging, the first book of its kind, for senior managers describing the business value of packaging.

As President/CEO of PTIS, he established and built a successful packaging and technology business, working across consulting project work, consulting and technology and equipment development. In this capacity he was responsible for helping many Fortune 500 and leading private consumer packaged goods and supplier companies implement new programs and projects leading to better top and bottom line packaging growth. Dr. Richmond was directly involved in developing and implementing consumer, science and business based strategies that include the importance and understanding of packaging earlier in the innovation and development processes. HAVI Global Solutions acquired PTIS in 2011, and today, HGS' full suite of packaging services, consulting solutions, and products go to market under the name Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions.

During his tenures at Kraft and Kellogg's, Dr. Richmond was an avid believer and supporter of packaging delivering both top- and bottom-line value. He was instrumental in developing and implementing strategic plans and programs nationally and globally for both Kraft and Kellogg, and he led the research and development component of strategic sourcing at both companies, resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

Dr. Richmond entered the PMMI Packaging Hall of Fame in 2010. He continues to support academics through the PTIS Packaging Endowment at Michigan State University and lectures at both Michigan State and Western Michigan University in packaging, food marketing and MBA programs.

The Michigan State University School of Packaging Alumni Association (MSUPAA) is organized to stimulate continued interest in and financial support for the Michigan State University School Of Packaging, provide advice, mentoring and financial support to the students enrolled in the School of Packaging, maintain advocacy and connectivity (from an information and advisory viewpoint) between the School of Packaging, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the University, Packaging Alumni, and Industry, provide a framework for alumni and affiliates to meet formally or informally for educational, professional and social purposes.

Selection of Michigan State University Packaging Alumni Hall of Fame inductees is based on an outstanding record of distinguished career accomplishments, including alumni who:

* follow non-traditional career paths for packaging engineers,

* set high standards of excellence in their careers,

* serve as excellent role models for today's MSU School of Packaging students,

* demonstrate executive managerial leadership, and

* engage in activities to generally benefit the greater good of society.

Candidates must possess the highest standards of integrity and character to positively reflect and enhance the prestige of Michigan State University's School of Packaging and the Packaging profession.

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