Newark to distribute Bolt Star reusable paperboard pole and column form base in Canada

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Newark to distribute Bolt Star reusable paperboard pole and column form base in Canada

December 26, 2014 - 11:21

SACRAMENTO and MISSISSAUGA, ON, Dec. 3, 2014 (Press Release) -Construction Innovations LLC, manufacturer of the award winning BOLT STAR reusable bolt template for pole base construction, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions for exclusive distribution of the product in Canada. Under the arrangement, Newark will become the first company to offer the popular BOLT STAR construction tool to construction and concrete supply distributors throughout all Canadian provinces. Distribution of the product will be handled by Newark Paperboard Products, Ltd., of Mississauga, Ontario, a subsidiary of Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions.

Construction Innovations has eyed the Canadian market for some time given the rapid adoption of BOLT STAR by contractors in the United States. BOLT STAR radically improves the productivity of crews by eliminating the time consuming, repetitive and error prone practice of building wood bolt templates. The tool also is reusable and reduces construction waste. The innovative tool is designed to hold four anchor bolts and the structural rebar cage in place during the pour of a light pole base or round column form. The round concrete bases, typically 24" or 18" in diameter, are commonly specified for parking lot and outdoor area lighting, street lighting, security camera poles, street signs and flag poles. BOLT STAR was recognized for its labor savings and sustainability earlier in the year by being named the 2014 Product of the Year for specialty products by EC&M magazine, a leading electrical contractor magazine in the U.S. and Canada.

"This deal was months in the making, and Newark Paperboard Products is the perfect distribution partner for us given their in-depth knowledge of construction products distribution, complimentary product line and strong presence in Canada," says Ken Gregory, President of Construction Innovations. "We are delighted to finally have an answer for the many Canadian contractors who came knocking on our door after first seeing BOLT STAR at the international World of Concrete in Las Vegas last January. BOLT STAR is the new industry standard for cast-in-place pole bases in the U.S., and it is our hope that Canada will soon follow!"

"As the largest manufacturer and distributor of concrete forming tubes in the Toronto area, we see the innovative BOLT STAR as just one more example of how Newark is committed to environmentally sound, innovative products that deliver added value to our customers in the Canadian market," says Jeff Franich, National Product Manager of Construction Products for Newark. "The product is complementary to our current Newark NewForm® concrete forming tubes, and easily installs on top of our standard 18" and 24" forming tubes and larger outer nested versions. The benefits to contractors are many, chief among them being the elimination of the labor intensive task of fabricating a wood bolt template - a repetitive task that is prone to error and involves safety issues in cutting and drilling. Together with our Newark NewForm tubes, BOLT STAR delivers a 57% more efficient process that cuts set up time in half and ensures a consistent high quality base."

Newark will sell BOLT STAR to Canadian-based contractors initially through its current base of Newark NewForm distributors in Canada, and will be presenting Bolt Star for the first time at the Toronto Construct Canada trade show at booth #11 in the South Hall, December 3 -5.

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