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What Are You Asking of Your Paper Suppliers?

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What Are You Asking of Your Paper Suppliers?

November 25, 2014 - 07:22

From left: Tyler Howland, David Deline, Greg Arvanigian, and Joe Hodges.

During RISI’s International Containerboard Conference earlier this month in Chicago, four AICC members took the stage to discuss how independent converters are changing the demand curve for containerboard. Tyler Howland of Sound Packaging, David Deline of Deline Box & Display, Greg Arvanigian of Arvco Container Corp., and Joe Hodges of Mid-Atlantic Packaging discussed what they ask of their paper suppliers.

“Our paper suppliers just tell us what we can use,” Arvanigian said. “So we’re looking overseas now for better sources.

“In the past, I wouldn’t have considered going overseas to source materials but now I have that option and it’s a good one.”

Deline is pleased with the additional grades of paper he now has access to, but Howland warned that he tests every paper roll to ensure quality.

The increase of independent plants and sheet feeders forming their own mills will increase the board options available, Arvanigian said.

“We don’t always have the choice to buy locally but I’m looking forward to doing more of that.”