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Kush Bottles targets Colorado lawmakers to support child proof packaging of marijuana

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Kush Bottles targets Colorado lawmakers to support child proof packaging of marijuana

September 03, 2013 - 10:32

SANTA ANA, CA, Aug. 29, 2013 (PRNewswire) -Kush Bottles, the nation's largest wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical grade containers for the natural health and medical marijuana industry, announced today that they will be engaging in conversations with Colorado lawmakers to urge them to support the state's Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force recommendation that marijuana products would have to be sold in child-proof packaging.

Current law states that Marijuana and marijuana-infused products must be sold in child-resistant packaging. However, these rules are only temporary placeholders for the finalized regulations that will be re-written before legal pot shops are set to open next January. In addition, these temporary rules remain largely unenforced up to this point, according to reports.

Since a recent study appeared in JAMA Pediatric and reported on KDVR-TV and CBS 4 in Denver, which stated that Marijuana ingestion is landing Colorado children in ICU, state lawmakers have been grappling with the issue. "Requiring child-resistant containers and warning labels for medical marijuana may help you prevent a trip to Children's Hospital in Denver," KDVR reported.

Meanwhile, executives at Kush Bottles are reaching out to Colorado lawmakers to discuss requiring child-resistant packaging for medical and retail marijuana as a permanent requirement.

Kush Bottles was also recently mentioned in an article published in, titled,"Child-Proof Packaging: Is It Necessary For Marijuana?" In the report, the author noted, "As more U.S. states and other countries move towards legalization, it's likely that more kids will be at risk of accidental exposure."

"The good news is the marijuana industry seems to be adapting quickly to the idea of improving child safety. Last week, Nicholas Kovacevich, COO of Kush Bottles, a California-based company that makes child-proof containers for marijuana, highlighted the issue in a press release."

"Dispensaries should start using child-resistant containers right now to protect themselves from liability and protect children from accidental ingestion," Kovacevich stated. "Businesses in our industry, which is still in its infancy, must take all necessary steps to demonstrate our commitment to running safe, legitimate operations."

And in a landmark report titled"Preventing Unintentional Ingestion of Marijuana by Children: A Health Impact Assessment of Packaging Regulations in Retail Marijuana Establishments in Colorado" written as a joint effort between the Pediatric Injury Prevention Education and Research Program at the Colorado School of Public Health and the Children's Health Advocacy Institute at Children's Hospital Colorado, recommended:

  1. All retail marijuana and marijuana products should leave retail establishments in child resistant packaging as defined by ASTM International and the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970
  2. All child resistant packaging should be opaque
  3. All child resistant packaging should be re-closeable
  4. Allowances should be made to re-use appropriate child resistant packages

Kush Bottles endorses these findings and pledged support to help speed their enactment.

"As this industry continues to grow and gain legitimacy, we need to make certain that the products we provide are dispensed in a safe and careful manner," Kovacevich stated. "If we want to be taken seriously as a member of the medical and pharmaceutical community, then we must raise our standards and act accordingly."

Kush Bottles is one of the nation's leading distributors of child-resistant tops. The company offers an exclusive line of packaging and dispensing products that are made in America from the highest quality FDA approved materials.

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