Food retailers Maker Grill, Pie-Not adopt reCUP recyclable cup and foodservice products made with EarthCoating

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Food retailers Maker Grill, Pie-Not adopt reCUP recyclable cup and foodservice products made with EarthCoating

November 27, 2018 - 17:32

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, Nov. 27, 2018 (Press Release) -As global demand for increased recycling rates and plastic reduction in single use packaging continues to grow, US-based restaurants and coffeehouses are doing their part for the environment by adopting the reCUP recyclable paper cup and other recyclable paperboard foodservice products, made with EarthCoating barrier coating. The most recent are Muscle Maker Grill with 40 locations, and Pie-Not with two locations.

Most conventional paperboard-based foodservice packaging such as paper cups and takeout trays are coated with polyethylene plastic, creating a mixed material that is too difficult for paper recyclers to process, thus these materials are diverted to landfill. It is estimated that over 58 billion paper cups are sent to landfills each year in the US.

Paperboard packaging made with EarthCoating uses 51% less plastic, is engineered to be easily pulped into recycled paper using conventional paper recycling equipment and is certified to be recyclable per industry standards. This allows the recycling industry to increase recovery of valuable materials, and reduce materials sent to landfills.

Muscle Maker Grill, a healthy meal prep and quick service restaurant, announced that they have started using the reCUP® for their cold beverages and hope to have it in all locations very soon in support of their sustainable packaging initiatives. “We’ve started using reCUPs because it’s the right thing to do for the environment,” said MMG brand COO, Kenn Miller.

Pie-Not, an Aussie-Style Bakery restaurant with locations in Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach, CA, now uses reCUPs to serve their hot beverages. “Using reCUPs is a simple way of doing our part to reduce plastic and keep paper cups out of our landfills and oceans,” said Pie-Not partner, Ryan Lopicollo. "We've found that our customers are more aware now than ever about plastic, so we are thrilled to partner with Green Cobra Packaging, who offered us reCUPs to serve our customers a sensible solution for their daily coffee," said Matty Heffner, Pie-Not partner.

These US-based reCUP announcements follow several recent international announcements from eco-minded brands switching to packaging with EarthCoating, including Australia-based Hungry Jack’s (Burger King), London-based Canary Wharf (world’s largest office complex), and independent coffeehouse chains around the globe.

“The first step to getting paper cups recycled is to use a cup that is valuable and easy for recyclers to process through their conventional paper recycling equipment”, said Todd Gasparik, Vice President of Business Development for Smart Planet Technologies, developers of EarthCoating. “EarthCoating is a drop-in replacement for conventional plastic coatings, and you instantly have foodservice packaging that is fully recyclable and with half of the plastic.”

EarthCoating is a highly-mineralized resin alternative to traditional plastic coatings, which may be used to make a variety of paperboard barrier packaging including hot cups, cold cups, food trays, folding cartons, liners, labels, corrugated packaging, and more.

The reCUP and foodservice packaging with EarthCoating are provided to Muscle Maker Grill and Pie-Not through Sysco Foodservice. The closed-loop recycling program for reCUP and other paperboards with EarthCoating is available through Allan Company Recycling and their affiliates.

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