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FiberMark launches folding carton product portfolio for premium wine/spirits packaging

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FiberMark launches folding carton product portfolio for premium wine/spirits packaging

August 19, 2013 - 06:32

BRATTLEBORO, VT, Aug. 19, 2013 (Press Release) -FiberMark (, a global leader in manufacturing innovative fiber-based covering materials for world-class brands, announces an innovative new portfolio of folding carton products specifically engineered to meet the rigorous design demands of the upscale spirits packaging market.

These dyed-through board materials offer deep color saturation that eliminates white edges in the finished product while FiberMark's robust manufacturing process ensures color consistency from lot to lot...a must for high-end brands.

FiberMark's Premium Board Portfolio Includes:

- Grafton® - Premium board with an uncoated vellum finish;

- Dorset® - Premium board with a matte pigment-coated finish;

- Metal-XTMand ShimmerTM(K-Series) - Luxury board products with distinctive, decorative coatings.

These new packaging boards are available in a wide variety of custom colors, including custom color duplex solutions, a wide variety of embossed patterns and are all FSC® certified (FSC-C020981), made in the USA, and include recycled content. Available in three calipers (12pt, 18pt and 26pt), these premium and luxury boards are strong and durable while providing a stylish, refined alternative to white SBS.

With superior scoring, folding and gluing properties and excellent resistance to cracking and scuffing, these performance boards are not only ideal for folding carton applications but are also well-suited for complimentary branding projects such as hang tags, special event invitations and other corporate collateral materials.

"FiberMark is dedicated to providing designers with an extensive array of premium packaging and luxury covering materials that reflect and enhance the value of high-end brands," said Dr. Robert Conforti, Senior Vice-President, New Business Development. "We are pleased to introduce this new portfolio of paperboard products that brings sophisticated visual appeal coupled with superior performance to luxury wine and spirits brands."

For more information about FiberMark's Premium Spirits Folding Carton Packaging Materials, or to order samples or a swatchdeck, contact FiberMark customer service at 800-843-1243 or visit

Image Caption: FiberMark's premium spirits folding carton packaging materials are showcased in this "private reserve" collection.

About FiberMark

FiberMark is a world-class, fully integrated manufacturer and global marketer, crafting its fiber-based specialty materials in the U.S. and Europe. The company creates innovative solutions for world-leading brands, offering distinctive covering materials that express the brands, inspire designs and create lasting impressions. With an extensive range of visual and tactile options and performance characteristics, FiberMark materials provide an endless array of design possibilities for applications in the performance boards, covering solutions, luxury packaging, technical/industrial, durable print media and graphic design markets. FiberMark is Forest Stewardship CouncilTM(FSC®) - certified (FSC-C020981). The company's premium and innovative covering products, print media and specialty boards made from sustainable materials are enhanced with a variety of colors, finishes, and embossing techniques that create visual depth and invite touch.