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Evergreen Packaging launches new Sentinel Fully Renewable Ice Cream Board

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Evergreen Packaging launches new Sentinel Fully Renewable Ice Cream Board

March 19, 2019 - 13:27

MEMPHIS, TN, March 19, 2019 (PRNewswire) -Evergreen Packaging, a global leader in plant-based packaging solutions, today announced the commercial launch of its new Sentinel Fully Renewable Ice Cream Board. Coconut Bliss, a plant-based, dairy-free ice cream producer is the first customer for the new, first of its kind, eco-friendly paper-based packaging made with an innovative renewable coating derived from sugarcane. The combination of Evergreen's Sentinel and Coconut Bliss is the first use of plant-based bio resin polyethylene pint cup ice cream packaging.

Sentinel products from Evergreen Packaging come from renewable resources, paper derived from trees from forests where responsible forest practices are used and where overall growth exceeds use. The coating on this Sentinel Ice Cream Board is sugarcane-based polyethylene, making the board fully renewable, since both the paper and the coating come from sources that can be regenerated. Sentinel offers excellent converting performance, superior strength and outstanding print quality. No change to existing converting equipment is required for Sentinel.

"As a USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified company, Coconut Bliss is always looking for ways to limit its environmental footprint," says Kim Gibson Clark, President and CEO of Coconut Bliss. "That's why we are so excited to introduce this cutting-edge packaging that performs the same way as traditional ice cream packaging but is made with renewable materials. Plus, we love the fact that our plant-based ice cream is served in plant-based packaging."

"We commend Coconut Bliss on their decision to move to this packaging, extending their commitment to using responsibly sourced and ethically-produced ingredients to their packaging as well as their products," said Chris Johns, Vice President of Paperboard Sales & Marketing for Evergreen Packaging. "We know that the use of renewable materials is a value that is central to many of our customers' brands, and we believe this is the first of many companies who will extend that value by purchasing paperboard such as Sentinel for packaging that is fully renewable and responsibly sourced. We are happy to have the opportunity to work with our customer, Stanpac, and Coconut Bliss on this important launch."

Sentinel paper and paperboard products are designed to be used in a variety of food service and retail food grade packaging applications with varying shelf life needs, including ice cream with its specific controlled environment requirements.

Evergreen Packaging is committed to providing sustainable packaging solutions that help brands enhance their responsible sustainability story with products that give confidence in their supply chain. From PlantCarton packaging to Sentinel Fully Renewable Ice Cream Board, consumers can feel good about their purchases.

About Evergreen Packaging

Evergreen Packaging is a global leader in creating fiber-based packaging solutions customized to deliver product freshness and brand distinction. Evergreen Packaging makes and supplies paper and paperboard products globally and is the number one supplier of liquid packaging board in the world. The fiber used in Evergreen Packaging products comes from forests in the US where responsible forestry practices are used. PlantCarton packages 52-64 oz use up to 80% less plastic by weight compared to comparable plastic packages.