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Brand packaging helps independent retailers compete against big box stores

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Brand packaging helps independent retailers compete against big box stores

February 05, 2013 - 00:51

MACEDON, NY, Feb. 5, 2013 (Prweb) -Packaging plays an important role in the marketing mix of small independent retailers, helping them compete effectively with big-box retailers. In a survey, compiled the opinions of small independent retailers throughout the US and picked out top retail tips for 2013.

According to Joe Cupido of, “Small retailers can find it hard to compete with big-box retailers and the uniqueness that great packaging brings can help a retailer stand out and thrive against the stiffest competition.”
The survey found that packaging played an important role in the retail marketing mix:

  • 48% felt packaging helped them compete with big-box retailers.
  • 64% said that packaging was an important part of their brand.
  • 49% felt that packaging was particularly important in online sales.

“These retailers are battling every day against big-box retailers and they’re succeeding because they focus on unique products packaged in a unique way,” says Cupido, “They’ve a ton of expertise and we tapped into that by asking what advice they’d give a new independent retailer.”

“Their answers told us that packaging makes an impact in 3 main areas - Branding, Wrapping and Customer Service - and that translates directly into more sales,” says Cupido. Here’s a selection of the top tips from independent retailers:

On Branding:
“Make your brand and packaging fun with a cute twist that will remind them of your store every time they see the bag,” Cathy McCarthy,

On Wrapping:
“Some of our customers have told me even if I sold junky stuff, they would still buy from me just for the wrapping!” says Christine Dziengelewski, Over The Moon Gift Shop. Her advice, “put each gift in a beautiful box stamped with your logo, offer several choices of wrapping paper with tissue paper to match and finish it off with real ribbon!”

On Customer Service:
“Customer service and packaging make a big difference. Our customers love that they don’t have to do a thing after they purchase from us - especially the guys!” Karin Burg, Corner Studio Jewelers.

You can find more tips in this presentation “Packaging Tips For Independent Retailers in 2013” at