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DS Smith's new packaging set optimizes climate footprint at instrument manufacturer Mettler Toledo

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DS Smith's new packaging set optimizes climate footprint at instrument manufacturer Mettler Toledo

July 12, 2016 - 03:57

LONDON, July 11, 2016 (Press Release) -The measurement and control of the pH value is essential in numerous processes of the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and drinks industry – METTLER TOLEDO offers the perfect sensor for every application with its InLab pH electrodes. Since March 2016, the globally active manufacturer of precision instruments has been marketing its six different product types in a new sales package.

Six into three

The set made up of three sizes is made by the display and packaging strategists at DS Smith and replaces the existing solution made from cardboard and Styrofoam. To rationally package saving material and space and be flexible in its use: the clever structure made from 100 per cent corrugated cardboard ensures less complexity, higher efficiency and more environmental protection along the entire supply cycle at METTLER TOLEDO. More than enough reasons for the jurors at the Swiss Packaging Awards to reward the sophisticated packaging set by DS Smith this year with one of the most sought-after prizes in the "Construction" category.

METTLER TOLEDO continuously works on optimising its ecological footprint: from development and manufacturing of the precision instruments to their shipment and ultimately disposal. And their packaging is to be just as environmentally friendly as the products: resource-saving and easy to recycle. On the occasion of the product redesign of its electrochemical pH sensors in the InLab series the company was therefore looking for a more sustainable and efficient alternative to the previous packaging solution made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and cardboard sleeves.

The pure corrugated board structure by DS Smith 100 per cent fulfils the ecological demands of METTLER TOLEDO. Where six different packaging types were in use in the past, today three sizes are sufficient in order to optimally and safely supply the product range of the high-quality pH sensors to the customer. The intelligent inner compartments offer the right solution and reliably fix electrodes, watering caps or connectivity cables for every scope of delivery in packaging. Should the product range change due to new market requirements, the structure can be adjusted with little effort.

The global corporation benefits from all-round optimised packaging and logistics processes with the new solution. Efficiently packaged, the new packaging set guarantees short set-up times. Thanks to the flat delivery and the minimal outer dimensions of the filled packaging, METTLER TOLEDO has been able to greatly reduce the transportation and storage volume. This protects the environment and, at the same time, saves unnecessary costs. And, compared to the conventional, less ecological multi-component packaging, the purely corrugated cardboard packaging can be easily recycled - added value that has convinced the global player METTLER TOLEDO across the board.