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Stronghaven launches Packaging Analysis System

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Stronghaven launches Packaging Analysis System

March 25, 2013 - 03:51

ATLANTA, March 25, 2013 (Prweb) -Stronghaven is no stranger to helping customers meet their sustainability and profitability goals. For years, Stronghaven has utilized its technical resources to help identify cost savings for customers. After refining the process, Stronghaven launched a new product offering named PAS or Packaging Analysis System. Using its PAS product, Stronghaven helps Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies evaluate packaging changes and adapt quickly to a dynamic retail environment.

Stronghaven's PAS comprises a rigorous multi-step process where a team of packaging engineers, sustainability and sales resources work closely with the customer to analyze the entire packaging supply chain. After reviewing the data, the team delivers a detailed report clearly outlining areas where cost savings, profitability and sustainability can be mutually achieved. Stronghaven tracks the data and provides feedback on the implementation for the customer, so they can easily monitor the impact to their savings and sustainability improvements.

Packaging is essential in the marketing and sales of almost every product. Not only does it protect the integrity of the item inside, it also promotes the brand and attracts customers. While sustainability is currently top of mind for all CPG companies, shelf impact remains a high priority.

Stronghaven recently utilized the PAS offering to assist a longtime CPG customer.

After 60 years of sustained growth, the company recently faced a new challenge. Increasing fuel and other energy prices significantly raised transportation, operations, and raw material costs. Working closely with the customer, Stronghaven focused their package engineering and sustainability resources to search for cost savings opportunities among high volume packaging specifications. Through identifying alternative packaging materials and matching them to actual box requirements in their supply-chain, Stronghaven’s PAS helped the customer redefine box compression requirements for their packaging specifications. Additionally, Stronghaven developed more cost-effective designs for its specifications resulting in significant cost savings. In total, the PAS identified over $254,000 in savings and fiber optimization opportunities. Sustainability improvements totaled 354 tons of fiber reduction and nearly 752 tons of greenhouse gas reductions in the project.