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Cascades Recovery recycled 8,680 tonnes of cardboard and mixed paper from IKEA Canada into 100% recycled paper products in 2012

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Cascades Recovery recycled 8,680 tonnes of cardboard and mixed paper from IKEA Canada into 100% recycled paper products in 2012

April 17, 2013 - 00:31

BURLINGTON, ON, April 17, 2013 (CNW) -IKEA Canada today released 2012 results of its partnership with Canadian waste management company, Cascades Recovery Inc. Cascades collected over 8,680 tonnes of cardboard and mixed paper from 10 IKEA Canada locations during the 2012 calendar year, all of which was recycled into 100% recycled content paper products. IKEA stores across Canada exclusively use these paper products, which include approximately 6,600 cases of paper towels and 7,260 cases of bathroom tissue each year.

"At IKEA, we feel a great sense of responsibility that our business should have a positive impact on people and the planet," says Brendan Seale, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Canada. "Managing our resource flows in smart and efficient ways will be an important part of IKEA's leadership in progressive business practices going forward."

"Cascades Recovery welcomes the opportunity to work with companies who realize the impact waste has on the environment," says Albino Metauro, CEO, Cascades Recovery Inc. "IKEA is a company who embraces this philosophy by ensuring that their recyclable materials are diverted from landfills. They are in turn, 'closing the loop' by purchasing Cascades products which are made from those recovered materials."

By purchasing Cascades products with 100% recycled content (compared to the industry standard of 40-50% recycled content), each year IKEA is saving approximately:

  • 1,200 trees (3 football fields)

  • 4.25 million L of water (1.5 Olympic swimming pools)

  • 63,000 kg of waste (5 garbage trucks)

  • 140,000 kg of CO2 emissions (50 cars)

  • 1,700 GJ energy (15 households)

  • 60,000 kg CO2 emissions (17,000 trees planted)

  • 460 kg NOx emissions (4 trucks)

About IKEA Canada

IKEA is a leading home furnishings retailer with 338 stores in 40 countries worldwide, which are visited by 776 million people every year. IKEA Canada has 12 stores which are visited by over 25 million people every year. Last year the websites attracted 1.1 billion visitors. Founded in 1943, IKEA's business philosophy is to offer a wide range of products of good design and function at prices so low, the majority of people can afford them.

About Cascades Recovery

Cascades Recovery Inc. is in the business of managing discarded recyclable materials. Unlike waste companies whose primary business is waste to landfill, Cascades Recovery diverts recyclable material from landfill and find ways to use these materials over and over again. As one of Canada's largest collectors, processor and marketer of recyclable materials, Cascades Recovery handles over 1.56 million tons of recyclable materials annually. With 21 material recovery facilities located across Canada and the United States, we have been providing recycling services to the Commercial, Industrial, Graphics and Municipal sectors for over 33 years.