California packaging and design firm Bay Cities installs Bárberan Jetmaster digital printer

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California packaging and design firm Bay Cities installs Bárberan Jetmaster digital printer

February 11, 2019 - 17:25

PICO RIVERA, CA , Feb. 11, 2019 (Press Release) -Bay Cities, North America's most innovative packaging and design company, today announces the acquisition of the high-speed single-pass Bárberan Jetmaster 1750 to expand manufacturing and printing capabilities.

For over 60 years, Bay Cities has been at the forefront of the packaging and display industry. With the addition of the Bárberan Jetmaster, Bay Cities is providing even more mass personalization and customization with different corrugated sheet sizes and color outputs. Bárberan will increase Bay Cities' digital capabilities and be an addition to the current digital capabilities offered by the HP printer. Variable data possibilities with digital printing are numerous including personalized branding, messaging and localization, to name a few. The new single-pass technology is expanding what is considered high-speed digital printing. The Bárberan features the highest quality of printing on any type of surface and does away with the need for multiple passes to get the color fully on the substrate.

With a minimum sheet width of 23 inches all the way up to 76 inches, and a length minimum of 17 inches through 96 inches, Bay Cities will be able to print many different configurations, including pallet skirts and TV boxes on the Bárberan. The Bárberan has a high production output and is capable of 80 m/minute on corrugated. It can print up to 6 vivid colors of UV inks that are G7 certified.

Bárberan is holding their open house from February 12th to 13th at their headquarters in Spain. The corrugated industry is welcome to register and find out more about what the Bárberan can do for packaging and displays.

"Bárberan is thrilled to add Bay Cities to its users. Their reputation as a leader in POP displays as well as their high standards for quality and customer experience is something we hope to play a small part in for their clients," said Jesus B árberan, CEO Bárberan S.A. He continued, "from the beginning, they have been very engaged in the process. The entire Bay Cities team has really been enthusiastic throughout. Bárberan is very excited to partner with another leader in the industry."

"In a time where demands are increasing and lead times are decreasing, with the Bárberan, we will have a machine that's up to that challenge. Customers nowadays don't want mass quantities, they want fewer with more variety. What better than a press that can provide variability sheet after sheet," said Gabriel Perez, Plant Manager of Bay Cities.

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