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AICC announces winners at AICC 2013 Designers Lab in Las Vegas, NV, Sept. 23-25

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AICC announces winners at AICC 2013 Designers Lab in Las Vegas, NV, Sept. 23-25

October 14, 2013 - 19:11

ALEXANDRIA, VA, Oct. 14, 2013 (Press Release) -The AICC 2013 Designers Lab was held September 23-25, 2013 at The Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, NV in conjunction with the AICC 2013 Annual Meeting and the Independent Packaging Design Competition. Designers had the opportunity to learn new techniques in both structural and graphic design from experts in the field. The event also allowed designers to show off their skill and talent as they competed in the "2013 team design challenge".

The morning began with presentations on "What's New in Design" from the Design Lab sponsor companies: Arden Software North America, Canon Solutions America, ESKO and Gerber Innovations. Next George Moretti, GM Consulting presented on "The Role of Sales in Design". Then Jason Lambert, ProBar gave an overview of his company and the "design" lab challenge project.

The designers were grouped into teams and were given a "real world" design problem to create a quarter pallet display for ProBar using corrugated and folding carton. The teams worked together using the functioning CAD tables provided by ESKO and Gerber Innovations, the digital printer provided by Canon Solutions America and the computer workstations and software provided by ESKO and Arden Software North America to turn their ideas and concepts into reality.

The design teams presented their entries the afternoon of Tuesday, September 24 to an expert panel of judges that selected the winning team entries.

The winning teams are as follows:

  • 1st Place - "Design Hacks"

    • Steve Kramer, Jamestown Container Companies

    • Alvaro Ramirez, Cajas de Carton Sultana

    • Georgia Rockwell, Great Lakes Packaging Corp.

    • David Gray, Bay Cities Container Corp.

    • Alex Arvanigian, Arvco Container Corp.

  • 2nd Place - The Octagon

    • Kurt Blizzard, Tilsner Carton Co.

    • Mike Borchers, Capital Corrugated & Carton

    • Brian La Bonte, Lawrence Paper Company

    • James Richard, Wasatch Container

    • Suphawat Tanyakerndilok, Great Lakes Packaging Corp.

  • Third Place - Roll the Dice

    • Kevin Kellogg, Arvco Container Corp.

    • John Powell, Empire Packaging & Displays

    • Eric Rolf, Empire Packaging & Displays

    • Eric Gray, Utah Paperbox Co.

  • Fourth Place Team - Berry Nutty

    • Cameron Evans, Wasatch Container

    • Matt Sampson, Tilsner Carton Company

    • Natalie Tucker, Bay Cities Container Corp.

    • Joe Filler, Sound Packaging

    • Thom Brady, Mid-Atlantic Packaging

All the winning team members will receive an engraved award following the meeting.

Special thanks to all the companies that sponsored and contributed to the success of the 2013 Designers Lab including:

  • Arden Software North America

  • Canon Solutions America

  • ESKO

  • Gerber Innovations

  • Las Vegas Container

  • ProBar

  • Sound Packaging

  • Wasatch Container

  • Utah Paperbox Co.

Also, special thanks to the representatives from the sponsoring and contributing companies for all their support including;

  • Jim Silianoff, Duane Malcom and Don Pederson, Arden Software North America

  • Don Skenderian, Ken Hooks, Dennis Drube, Martin Thornton, Gerber Innovations

  • Jerry Manzi, Dan Alessandrino & Patrick Loy, Canon Solutions America John Lencioni, Larry McCarthy and Guy Caputo, ESKO

  • Tyler Howland, Sound Packaging

  • Bonnie Sorenson, Las Vegas Container

  • Jerry & Ryan Frisch, Wasatch Container