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3A Press in Puerto Rico delivers zero-defect packaging in pharmaceutical and medical device applications

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3A Press in Puerto Rico delivers zero-defect packaging in pharmaceutical and medical device applications

October 13, 2020 - 12:40

LAJAS, Puerto Rico , Oct. 13, 2020 (Press Release) -Three A Press, Corp. (3A Press), an industry leader in producing printing and packaging solutions for life sciences, consumer products, and food & beverage industries, announces that its quality-first approach to manufacturing ensures the highest possible quality in folding cartons for pharmaceutical and medical device applications. These cartons are used to pack prescription pharmaceuticals, vascular products, cardiac devices, insulin pumps, contact lenses, surgical tools, patient monitoring systems, and others, and ensure consistent branding, reduced breakage, and optimize the supply chain.

3A Press uses high-resolution cameras as part of its inline sheet inspection system during manufacturing, enabling the company to deliver high-confidence, zero-defect packaging materials to Life Sciences customers. The system includes multiple inspection points, at both the press and folder steps, to reliably and rapidly detect even the minutest of print errors, such as hickeys, missing print, ink splashes or streaks. With up to five inspection tolerances for different quality specifications, 3A Press guarantees error-free carton production. The inline sheet inspection system outputs Quality Inspection Reports, which 3A Press can provide to customers with each lot, to certify the quality of the folding cartons. Additionally, 3A Press’ high-precision color matching and excellent color consistency ensure that packaging design are a perfect fit with existing customer branding.

A one stop solution for the packaging needs/requirements, the 3A Press ISO certified plant has the capacity to produce Folding Cartons as well as Instructions for Use (IFUs), Instruction Manuals, and Laminated Litho Boxes. 

About 3A Press, Corp.   

3A Press, Corp. provides industry-leading printing and packaging solutions for clients in the Life Sciences, Consumer Products, and the Food & Beverage industries. With an experienced and committed team of professionals and the most advanced technologies, 3A Press adds value to our customers’ operations. We are 3A – Agile, Accountable and Autonomous. Being Autonomous allows us to be Agile when responding to our customer's needs, while being Accountable represents our commitment to nothing less than excellence.

Established in Lajas, Puerto Rico in 1996, 3A Press represents three generations of printing excellence. We work hand in hand with our clients to meet their demands for high quality, consistency, and timely delivery, all with an eye towards sustainability and protecting natural resources. 3A Press holds an ISO 9001-2015 certification, as well as G7 Master Certification, ensuring that customers’ brand colors are consistently represented. 3A Press also holds: MBE, NMSDC, PRMSDC & Hub Zone certifications for promoting and supporting diversity; and FSC, SFI & PEFC certifications promoting the responsible management of forest worldwide.