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Klabin launches fully biodegradable fruit and vegetable tray

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Klabin launches fully biodegradable fruit and vegetable tray

September 24, 2019 - 06:54

SAO PAULO, Sept. 24, 2019 (PPI Latin America) -Brazilian pulp and packaging paper producer Klabin developed a new biodegradable tray for fruits and vegetables made of corrugated board, which ensures the integrity of products during transport, storage and at store shelves. According to the company, the product was developed to respond to a call for new sustainable packaging that can substitute single-use materials usually made of plastic and styrofoam.

The solution is developed using corrugated board and made from clean fibers, i.e. those used for the first time and free of any contamination. This combination ensures that food products are safely stored, transported and showcased. Moreover, its design helps to reduce food waste, since it has holes that provide optimum ventilation for conserving produce and preserving its integrity.

“Corrugated board trays come with the superior quality offered by Klabin to agribusiness and underscore the company’s proposition to offer innovative products that are aligned with the evolution of businesses and the global awareness about more sustainable products,” stated Klabin’s director of corrugated boards Gabriella Michelucci.

Klabin stressed that just like the other products developed by the company, the trays are produced from wood sourced from planted forests certified by the company as sustainable and renewable sources, and are fully recyclable after use. The packaging is certified by international agencies, which guarantees that food is packed and transported free of contamination.