BOBST and BHS Corrugated to supply 11 new production lines to Mexican paper and packaging manufacturer Grupo Gondi

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BOBST and BHS Corrugated to supply 11 new production lines to Mexican paper and packaging manufacturer Grupo Gondi

July 24, 2016 - 22:06

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, July 9, 2016 (Press Release) -At Drupa 2016, leading Mexican paper and packaging manufacturer, Grupo Gondi, signed a very large deal with BOBST and BHS Corrugated for the supply of eleven new production lines. The order will see equipment installed at existing Grupo Gondi facilities in Mexico, as well as at green field sites, over the next two years.

The purchase includes two complete 2.5m wide corrugators designed by BHS Corrugated, a BOBST pre-print press line, high accuracy flat-bed BOBST die-cutters, and five automated BOBST folding and gluing lines. The delivery of the equipment will commence during the last quarter of 2016.

Eduardo Posada, CEO of Grupo Gondi, said “These investments will support the rapid expansion we are undertaking by updating and expanding our production capabilities with state of the art technology and by adding the extra capacity we need for the near future. It means that we will continue to provide the market with the best possible packaging solutions while we also support the investments that our major clients are making in new plants in the region.”

Emilio Corti, Head of Sheet-fed sales at BOBST, said, “With this third multi-machine deal, we continue to prove that our equipment and services are the right ones to support the ambitious growth plans of Grupo Gondi. The combination of our state of art machinery, which is capable of meeting Grupo Gondi’s high standards for productivity and efficiency, with our strong local service provision, supported by our worldwide centers of excellence, has allowed us to continually support Grupo Gondi’s business. We are delighted to be the preferred supplier of one of the world’s fastest growing packaging groups and we will continue to work hard to warrant their business.”

Lars Engel, Managing Director of BHS Corrugated, said, “We are honored to be the prime supplier of corrugator equipment to Grupo Gondi and proud to be part of their impressive expansion program. Following the successful start-up of their latest corrugator designed by BHS Corrugated, at Piedras Negras earlier this year, the order for two further lines reflects our ability to supply our customers with both performance and reliability. Through our local organization we are able to ensure the best service and spare parts support for Grupo Gondi and all of our customers in Mexico.”

World leading pre-print

The BOBST 90SIX has become the best-selling press in the pre-print market worldwide by delivering the highest performance available for the CI (central impression) flexo printing of pre-printed linerboard and coated box board. The success of the 90SIX reflects BOBST’s position of leadership in this market, held since the 1980s. Grupo Gondi’s new 90SIX will feature repeats of up to 2060 mm and speeds of up 500 meters per minute. Its CI architecture makes it ideal for printing on low grammage paper while delivering graphics close to offset quality, and helps to considerably lower box makers’ production costs. The press will join two other 90SIX presses in the group and will be installed at an undisclosed Grupo Gondi plant by the end of 2017. Like the two presses bought by Grupo Gondi before it, the new 90SIX will be equipped with smartGPS™, BOBST’s unique off-press impression setting system that reduces set-up waste to almost zero and allows users to produce even the smallest of orders. Another special feature of the press is a downstream unit designed for the application of both water-based and UV curable inks. This allows the machine to be used for all types of preprint carton applications, including the production of premium beer packaging.

Performance and flexibility in corrugating

Designed by BHS Corrugated, the corrugators being supplied to Grupo Gondi feature a 2.5 meter working width, double wall capabilities and a running speed of 400 meters per minute. The lines have been specified to give Grupo Gondi the highest performance and maximum flexibility in production, especially when running preprint. The line includes an Advanced Facer AF-P and a belted Modul Facer MF-B, which is the only single facer in the industry to run pre-print paper as the inner liner. The Duplex Dry Ends are equipped with HQ-M drives and Carbon Fiber Knife bars to enable high speeds, especially when running short sheets. The exclusive BHS Corrugated pre-print equipment will be installed on both levels of the Dry End with pre-print marks detected from both sides. In addition, special BHS Corrugated high speed pre-print cameras will control the pre-print cut, allowing online correction of the cut-to-mark and reducing set-up waste to a minimum. A Duplex Stacker AS-M, with the combination of one upstacker and one downstacker, will deliver very fast change-over times for small stack heights and allow several orders to be managed on the belts at the same time.

High performance in-line printing and die-cutting

By incorporating features such as intelligent feeders, vacuum transfer and register control, along with high performance dedicated peripherals, the MASTERLINE 2.1 flexo printing and die-cutting lines ordered by Grupo Gondi will deliver the high net output, shorter make-readies and matchless quality that the company requires. Taking in sheets through its fully automated LOADER - which can handle almost any material from carton board and micro-flute to corrugated board as thick as double-wall - MASTERLINE flexo prints with high precision before die-cutting even the most complex shapes at up to 7,000 sheets per hour. A BREAKER FLAT TRACK unit then forms complex layers of boxes ready for the PALLETIZER 2.1, which frees up operatives to concentrate on maximizing performance and ensuring quality. Using MASTERLINE, just two operators, covering two shifts, can process over 20 million square meters of board a year, yet because of its total integration of every element, MASTERLINE is very easy to set and run.

Folder-gluers with exceptional versatility, control and productivity

The five folder-gluer lines to be installed in Grupo Gondi plants represent the most versatile, creative and productive available for carrying out this process. The MASTERFOLD 110 GNB lines not only processes carton board packaging at speeds of up to 450 meters per minute, but can rotate the product through any angle, allowing packaging that in the past required a second pass, or a dedicated ‘right-angle’ machine, to be processed in-line at full running speed. The GYROBOX module which enables this opens up all sorts of opportunities to pack designers, while giving packaging manufacturers a unique advantage over their competition. At the end of the two MASTERFOLD lines will be new CARTONPACK 4 high performance packers, which were launched at Drupa 2016. These units automatically fill shipping containers with folded and glued cartons. All of the settings and movements of the CARTONPACK 4 are motorized and MATIC for repeat orders and its additional case erector unit can handle up to ten cases per minute, allowing the CARTONPACK 4 to handle more than 200,000 boxes per hour and run for up to 30 minutes without an operator.

Thanks to a large number of design and technology innovations, the EXPERTFOLD 165 A2 folder-gluers in the order will give Grupo Gondi true control of the folding and gluing process. Able to handle substrates from Nto A-flute, including double wall and litho-laminates, the EXPERTFOLD 165 can process blanks up to 1700 x 1100mm in size and up to 25mm thick when folded. Control of the blank as it enters, travels through and leaves the folder-gluer is the forte of the EXPERTFOLD 165 and is achieved thanks to ACCUFEED blank alignment that ensures precise folding; a high accuracy pre-breaker which ensure excellent performance on machineerect lines; and a folding process that minimizes fishtailing and gap. The latter is aided by an extra-long folding section which creates smoother folding. Along with newly developed creasing units at the entry, this ensures the high folding quality that manufacturers need today. The EXPERTFOLD lines will also feature Virtuo automatic packers which are particularly suited to medium to large runs of micro flute, litho-laminated or heavy solid board cartons.


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About Grupo Gondi

Grupo Gondi is a leading paper packaging company in Mexico, strongly committed to its consumers, collaborators, investors, the environment and Mexico – where, over the past 60 years it has positioned itself as one of the major players in the paper and packaging industry. The group is composed of 14 companies and has a labor force of more than 7,000 employees. Thanks to its multi-plant approach it offers integral packing and packaging solutions, specializing in the production of paper, corrugated cardboard boxes, pre-printed corrugated boxes and solid fiber containers, folding cartons, high graphic micro –corrugated boxes, as well as services that support the manufacture of these products. Grupo Gondi packaging takes their customers products to over 185 countries, having presence in the five continents.