Safeway signs up for 100% recycled paperboard program

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Safeway signs up for 100% recycled paperboard program

March 17, 2015 - 20:30

The 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance (RPA-100%) announced today that Safeway has signed on as a licensee of the RPA’s new certified 100% recycled paperboard program.

Daniel Block, Safeway’s CPP, Senior Packaging Engineer Consumer Brands, said, “It’s very important to the Safeway organization that we are able to substantiate the claims we make on our packaging. This new certification program – which includes the certified symbol – is an excellent way to communicate that we’re committed to using environmentally-responsible packaging to consumers.”

The original RPA-100% trademarked symbol appears on billions of packages every year, and consumers have come to rely on it to know that a package has been produced using 100% recovered fiber. The new certification program and accompanying revised trademarked symbol provide consumers a new level of assurance that the paperboard used in the packaging of the product they are purchasing has been verified as 100% recovered fiber.

Consumer research proves that use of recycled content and being able to recycle the package are key environmental considerations of consumers. Paul Schutes, Executive Director of the RPA-100% added, “Safeway is a long-standing partner that has displayed the original RPA-100% symbol for many years. We are excited to see them advance to the new certified program.”

A complete list of certified member mills producing certified 100% recycled paperboard is available on the RPA-100% web site. The new symbol began appearing on packaging in the fourth quarter of 2014.