SCA presents SEK 250,000 Alf de Ruvo scholarship to Eric Borgqvist for work on mathematical continuum descriptions of paper-based materials

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SCA presents SEK 250,000 Alf de Ruvo scholarship to Eric Borgqvist for work on mathematical continuum descriptions of paper-based materials

January 31, 2018 - 05:26

SUNDSVALL, Sweden, Jan. 30, 2018 (Press Release) -Eric Borgqvist has been awarded the Alf de Ruvo scholarship of SEK 250,000 for his work on mathematical continuum descriptions of paper-based materials.

Based on advanced mathematics, Borgqvist succeeded in combining theory with practical applications. Today, the material model is used by industry in the converting and paperboard industry to optimize packaging products.

The developed material model describes the relationship between forces and deformations to which the paperboard is exposed. The model is physically based and consistently fulfils the laws of thermodynamics and leads to that new reliable and predictive simulations, that have never been done before, can be performed.

The predictive ability of the model leads to a significant step forward in moving the product development from the physical world to the virtual world. The advantage of this new development strategy is faster and more efficient product development, where the number of expensive tests in the physical world can be greatly reduced. This will mean large savings in time, cost and environment.

As an example, the model is expected to predict when packaging materials break during the conversion into a package. The reason for this complex occurrence is not always clear and significant time can be wasted during the troubleshooting and it is not always possible to find the root cause using conventional investigations. The analysis tool provided by Borgqvist's work is extremely helpful in creating an increased understanding of the process from base materials to packaging.

Borgqvist's vision is that the packaging industry's research frontier should take a step into the virtual world and thereby approach the development methodology currently adopted in the automotive industry. This will lead to reduced development time, cost- effectiveness and the ability to tailor new products.

In order to increase the reliability of simulations, a greater understanding of how paper physics phenomena can be described in virtual simulations is needed. To strengthen this understanding and to improve cooperation between academia and industry, Borgqvist is planning to conduct a foreign postdoc visit at a university in China, starting in 2018.

The goal is to develop research methods that can benefit from virtual simulations in the packaging industry. The results of the cooperation will be of benefit to the Swedish industry as well as the academy as Borgqvist, in addition to working in industry, actively participates in supervision of PhD students who performs research on fiber-based materials.

Eric Borgqvist graduated in engineering mathematics at LTH in Lund in 2010 after completing his degree at Lund University. Borgqvist completed his PhD in Solid Mechanics 2016 at LTH with Mathias Wallin as supervisor. Borgqvist currently works as a specialist at Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB in Lund.

The scholarship will be awarded at a ceremony in Stockholm in conjunction with the Ekman Day 2018, sponsored by the Swedish Association of Pulp and Paper Engineers.

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