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Russia’s Arkhbum successfully implements integration of its branches into single production planning line based on OMP CSBS 4.70 system

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Russia’s Arkhbum successfully implements integration of its branches into single production planning line based on OMP CSBS 4.70 system

May 22, 2020 - 04:48

NOVODVINSK, Russia, May 15, 2020 (Press Release) -Enterchain Company (a division of the OMEGALLIANCE® Group of Companies (Operations Management Engineering Alliance) has successfully completed the project on the integration of the Arkhbum JSC branches into a single production planning line based on the OMP CSBS 4.70 system (Corrugated and Solid Board System).

Now the production processes of the Podolsk, Istra and Voronezh plants of Arkhbum are being managed and planned in the form of the integrated digital solution.

The first OMP CSBS system was put into production operations at the branch in Podolsk in 2011, and the Istra plant – in 2014. Since 2017, the OMP solution has been used for the centralized planning of the work of the two located near Moscow plants of Arkhbum JSC. In 2018, the OMP system was integrated at the Voronezh plant.

In 2019, Arkhbum JSC and Enterchain launched the project aimed at the centralization of production planning between the three plants and synchronization of production plans in the form of the integrated solution, that was successfully completed in April 2020.

This project on the OMP implementation became the largest in Russia.

Using a single solution for planning and managing production allows you to perform a whole range of tasks, including tracking of the capacity utilization between the plants, flexible management of the order execution, use of the unified reporting at all the plants, use of the single ERP system for data transfer to the production system, and planning of cutting considering the availability of raw materials at each production plant, etc.

As Arkhbum JSC noted, despite the visible effect of the OMP CSBS solution implementation, the company intends to develop this system further to multiply the economic effect of the optimization and digitalization of production to its full potential. This refers to the use of a single industry-specific platform for production planning and management, mathematical optimization tools for planning and cutting, balancing of the corrugators' capacity utilization at the three plants and converting lines (proportionate capacity utilization of the equipment), taking into account the results of volumetric scheduling, reservation of production capacities, automated calculation of the number of workpieces at the branch points of production (input converting lines), synchronization of plans for the three plants with corrugators, converting lines and conveyor systems taking into account the level of work in progress, increase of the response rate to the events in the presence of relevant information on the production condition, online monitoring of the work of up to 30 pieces of the production equipment.

"The aim of the planning centralization of several production plants was not new, but the feature of this project was the migration of various OMP CSBS versions at different plants and synchronization of the regulatory framework," commented Sergey Smirnov, Project Manager on the part of Enterchain, "But the customer demonstrated a high degree of professionalism at all stages, there was nothing for us but to use the flexibility and processability of the OMP CSBS solution to complete our tasks."

Enterchain also emphasized that under the COVID-19 conditions, the project was implemented in the format of remote performance: the interaction between customers and contractors was in the form of video conferencing.


Arkhbum JSC is the subsidiary of Arkhangelsk PPM JSC (the sole shareholder is Pulp Mill Holding GmbH).

The main business area is corrugated board packaging.