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Pesmel to supply new automated roll warehouse for Saica's 1.3 million tonne/yr El Burgo de Ebro corrugated mill in Spain

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Pesmel to supply new automated roll warehouse for Saica's 1.3 million tonne/yr El Burgo de Ebro corrugated mill in Spain

August 28, 2017 - 05:23

KAUHAJOKI, Finland, Aug. 14, 2017 (Press Release) -Pesmel will supply world largest to be paper mill rack type automated roll warehouse (ARW) to SAICA Paper’s El Burgo de Ebro mill located near Zaragoza in Spain. This mill produces with three paper machines board grades 1,300,000 tons annually. The new ARW will also store and distribute rolls from SAICA Zaragoza mill.

This TransRoll storage will be erected right after the PM’s in two phases middle of ongoing mill production. Existing manual clamp truck operated warehouses will be torn down to make space for the new automated TransRoll storage, a temporary storage will be erected adjacent to the existing warehouse, in order to maintain the storage capacity during the construction period. Phase 1 production start-up will be Q1/2019, and Phase 2 is planned to follow after that. Total storing volume after both phases has been commissioned will be 70,000 tons.

“The need for automated storage concepts in paper mills, both as intermediate roll storages between different production stages and as shipping distribution centers, is growing strongly. Simple reason for this is the industry’s shift from bulk production to more diversified production, and the need to respond to customer orders within days instead of weeks. Pesmel’s Material Flow concept offers perfect tool for this strategic change” says Kaj Fahllund, Vice President of Pesmel’s paper business.

TransRoll concept selected

The heart of this new system layout is Pesmel’s TransRoll automated roll warehouse (ARW) concept, which has dozen in-out connections at different floor levels between the mill production and shipping operations. It can take production in 24/7 in random order as it comes from production, and distribute it out to 6 + 6 truck loading stations according desired truckload combinations. On an average day 200 – 250 trucks will visit at the loading docks. Trucks arrival happens in random order, and system guarantees truck specific load ready to be loaded within 20 min after truck reports to the mill gate.

The whole footprint of this 70 000 tons warehouse will be is only 10 000 m2 with high 7 t/m2 effective storing density. And as true heart of mills material flow, it has whopping 1000 t/h fully automated in-out handling and sorting capacity with four stacker cranes.

TransRoll ARW is equipped with full Pesmel WMS warehouse management system, which is connected to MIS (mill information system) to track the roll flow and to keep the real-time storage inventory for the converting and shipping operations.


Pesmel is global supplier of highly automated internal logistic, storing (AS/RS) and packing systems for the metal, paper and converting industries. During the four decades Pesmel has delivered over 400 handling and packing projects and around 120 storage systems with more than 200 stacker cranes. The company employs over 200 professionals, of which abt. 120 is situated in Finland.


SAICA Group is a leading company in Spain in the manufacturing of corrugating board with a capacity of 2.5 million tons of paper. With more than 9,000 employees at present in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey, Luxemburg and The Netherlands. SAICA Group has four business areas: paper mills (Paper), collection of recyclable materials (Natur) corrugated paper pack containers (Pack) and flexible packaging (Flex). Consolidate sales of the Company are 2,378 million euros (31.12.2015).