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Mondi wins five awards for its innovative and sustainable designs at 2020 WorldStar Packaging Awards

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Mondi wins five awards for its innovative and sustainable designs at 2020 WorldStar Packaging Awards

July 01, 2020 - 10:48

VIENNA, Austria, July 1, 2020 (Press Release) -Mondi, leading global packaging and paper group, won five awards for its innovative and sustainable designs at the 2020 WorldStar Packaging Awards. This year’s award ceremony was cancelled due to COVID-19, so Mondi’s designers are sharing their insights on the thinking behind their design packaging.

Designers and the award-winning products:

  • Herbert Reitbrugger, UpliftBox in the Household category from Mondi Corrugated Solutions Grünburg, Germany
  • Marco Rammler, DashV1Box in the Transit category from Mondi Corrugated Solutions Ansbach, Germany
  • Eva Hrychova, Stabilization Box in the Other category from Mondi Corrugated Solutions Bupak s.r.o, Czech Republic
  • Nadja Nickel, Sales Manager for Protector Bags in the Transit category from Mondi Paper Bags and aPak, a Swedish Packaging dealer
  • Jens Koesters, StripPouch in the Household category from the German cleaning products maker Werner & Mertz and Mondi Consumer Flexibles

Giving unboxing a lift

The UpliftBox, designed by Herbert Reitbrugger at our Corrugated Solutions plant in Grünburg, Austria, assures an uplifting experience for the end-user because of how tractive force is applied when opening the box. “End-users were working very hard to unbox goods, and we knew there was a better way and experience so we started to work on developing a mechanism to address this issue. I am lucky to be part of an experienced and creative team who is always looking for ways to improve the end-user’s experience. Following further research, we came up with the Mondi UpliftBox, which will bring the unboxing experience for customers to a new level – literally, as the goods will be lifted up within the box.”

Reducing processing times and improving protection

Marco Rammler, from the Corrugated Solutions plant in Ansbach, Germany designed the DashV1Box –packaging for automotive dashboards. The packaging solution uses 100% corrugated material instead of plastic and its innovative design has reduced processing costs by a third, and quality complaints by 80%. Previously, packaging for dashboards involved 30 different types of packaging, including foam which is no longer required.  “Our client came to us with the request to develop new ‘universal packaging’ for instrument panels. Our aim was to develop a packaging solution that consisted of up to 100% cardboard, that is recyclable and suitable for all types of automotive components," said Marco Rammler.

More stability and cooling during transport for sensitive food products

Eva Hrychova, from Mondi's Corrugated Solutions team in Bupak, Czech Republic, designed the Stabilization Box which is a perforated interlay tray, made from three-layer corrugated board to protect food during transport. “We wanted to meet our customers' needs for a stabilizing solution which would reinforce the pallet block in which their product is transported in and prevent boxes from shifting into the middle and at the same time does not obstruct the airway that secures cooling for the delicate food products," said Eva Hrychova.

Flexible protection for automotive parts

ProtectorBags, made by Mondi Trebsen, Germany won the WorldStar Award in the Transit category. These paper bags replaced a reusable wooden box and plastic foam wrapping, providing protection for sensitive painted car panels, while reducing transport space and saving time while packing the panels, therefore optimising logistics in the automotive industry.

"The market, as well as the needs of Mondi’s customers, are changing fast. The automotive industry is especially innovative. As more new electric vehicles are produced, the design of the cars change quickly, as does the shape of the parts that have to be packed. We are always focused on providing the best solution to our customers, understanding their needs, expectations, and bringing new innovations to the market place,” said Nadja Nickel, sales manager for ProtectorBags.

100% recyclability for household cleaning

StripPouch won the WorldStar Award in the Household category. The plants Halle and Steinfeld produce this innovation, which was designed in collaboration with the company Werner & Mertz’s Frosch brand. Jens Koesters, Manager Technical Service, of Mondi Consumer Flexibles was one of the innovative designers behind the pouch for Mondi, who has seen the role of innovation for sustainable solutions take on new importance. “A few years ago, our focus and passion moved to recyclable and responsible packaging solutions.  I would even say that today it is far more important to continue with innovations as it was in year’s past. Today we have a mandate to protect the environment.” The new pouch is 100% recyclable and uses approximately 70% less material than rigid plastic bottles that hold the same volume and is used for Frosch's brand detergent products. The StripPouch is one of Mondi´s first packaging solutions developed using Mondi’s EcoSolutions approach, which supports customer’s to reach their sustainability goals executing sustainable and innovative packaging ideas.

World Star Awards Ceremony

The competition is one of the major events held by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and rewards outstanding achievements in packaging innovation. The focus is on sustainable packaging solutions that achieve convenience for the end-user through innovation. The winners were announced in December 2019. The award ceremony would have taken place at interpack 2020 in May, but due to COVID-19 it was postponed.