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Mondi exhibits its range of consumer flexible packaging products at RosUpack 2017 in Moscow, Russia

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Mondi exhibits its range of consumer flexible packaging products at RosUpack 2017 in Moscow, Russia

June 02, 2017 - 04:00

VIENNA, Austria, May 30, 2017 (Press Release) -At RosUpack 2017, Mondi presents itself in Russia with its extended product range of consumer flexible packaging products for food, hygiene, homecare and other applications with a focus on films and laminates.

The acquisition of Uralplastic in 2016 supported the development of Mondi’s Consumer Packaging business and strengthened the company’s presence in the Russian consumer packaging market. The new local sales team and the plant near Ekaterinburg in the Ural region have complemented the existing Mondi facility in Pereslavl, near Moscow. The expanded offering of Mondi in Russia enhances the security of supply for the customers while the combined competencies strengthen Mondi’s innovation power, which allows to further improve Mondi’s portfolio to customers in this market.

In order to directly respond to ever-changing consumer trends, Mondi is exhibiting at stand D103 its latest product portfolio focusing on convenience, finishing and sustainability.

Convenience: Busy lifestyles, more single households, and longer life expectancy are all factors driving the importance of convenient packaging solutions. Consumers want packaging that is quick and simple to handle, can be reclosed to preserve partially consumed contents, can be disposed of easily, and is suitable for on-the-go consumption – as highlighted by the Mintel survey on Packaging Trends 2017. At RosUpack, Mondi presents the broad bandwidth of easy opening and closing solutions produced to meet the customer needs:

  • For example, the cover film with peel effect for cups which allows an easy opening for the consumer. The cover film can act as a replacement for Alu/PET or mixpap materials, which reduces the carbon footprint of the end product and makes it suitable for the packaging of baby food. Furthermore, the customer benefits from a lower welding temperature during processing. Another example are the pouches with peel effect. Their easy to open feature does not require any additional tool to open the pouch and is therefore a convenient solution to address the growing demand for on-the-go products.
  • The alu-based retort pouches are suitable for sterilisation and hot-fill applications. The high barrier laminates enable optimal product protection and long-lasting shelf life without loss of vitamins or flavour. The packed product is protected from oxygen, moisture and light. It also serves the convenience trend: Single-serve pouches avoid the frustration for end-consumers of retaining opened half-empty cans or glasses.

Finishing: Differentiation at the point of sale is one of the most important factors influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. The growing trend towards packaging with a natural look and feel helps brands stand out. What’s more, high-quality food packaging is an indicator of premium product quality and stimulates positive consumer perceptions about the product. Mondi’s paper touch solutions help brands to differentiate on the shelf by combining a natural look and feel with optimal freshness protection:

  • One example is a film based on polymeric material which looks and feels like real paper. The polymeric film not only offers a natural look and feel, its structure also allows to wrap food more tightly compared to aluminium based materials. This makes the film ideally suited for the packaging of butter or curds.
  • Mondi also presents PaperPack, a combination of paper and flexible film available as reel-stock or pre-made pouches with customisable windows for display of the packaged contents. This allows food producers to emphasise the natural and fresh qualities of their products without sacrificing on the barrier properties.

 Sustainability: The demand for sustainable packaging rises in line with the general trend towards more sustainability. More and more consumers call for convenient, long-lasting, but also sustainable packaging. Mondi believes that sustainable development makes good business sense and continuously looks for ways to enhance the value of its product solutions. At RosUpack, Mondi therefore presents a range of solutions, which help customers to address the need for sustainable packaging.

  • Mondi’s Alu-free retort laminate avoids the use of aluminium while it is offering a high water vapour transmission barrier (WVTR) for moisture sensitive food. Through an advanced combination of materials and adhesives, the laminate remains transparent also after packaging and sterilization. The retort material offers furthermore the possibility for the consumer to see the product, which makes the packaging more attractive.
  • The water-soluble film offers a smart, convenient and biodegradable solution for packing and easy dosing of powders, tabs and granulates. It is more environmentally friendly than other packaging as it helps to reduce waste. Whether it’s ready-to-use doses of household dishwasher or laundry detergents or chemicals for industrial applications, Mondi’s water-soluble film provides excellent barrier properties to protect both the product and the end user.

Additionally, Mondi presents its FFS tube films for industrial applications such as cement, dry construction mixtures and fertilizers. The polymer tube is available with side gussets and two options of air release. The product offers high moisture and dirt protection, which offers the end user the possibility to store goods in open space.

Georg Kasperkovitz, CEO Consumer Packaging, comments: “I’m glad that the Uralplastic plant in Russia has increased our local exposure in Russia and that we have been able to improve our offering to customers in this growing market through our extended product range.”


Mondi is an international packaging and paper Group, employing around 25,000 people across more than 30 countries. Our key operations are located in central Europe, Russia, North America and South Africa. In 2016, Mondi had revenues of €6.7 billion and a return on capital employed of 20.3%.

We are fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain – from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and compound plastics, to developing effective and innovative industrial and consumer packaging solutions. With over 100 products customised into more than 100,000 solutions, we offer more than you may expect. Leading brands around the world rely on our innovative technologies and products across a variety of industries such as agriculture; automotive; building and construction; chemicals and dangerous goods; food and beverages; graphic and photographic; home and personal care; medical and pharmaceutical; office and professional printing; packaging and paper converting; pet care; retail and e-commerce; and shipping and transport.

We believe sustainable development makes good business sense. It's integral to our responsible and profitable growth, and embedded in everything we do, every day. We continue to look for ways to do more with less, promote the responsible management of ecosystems, develop and inspire our people, and enhance the value that our sustainable product solutions create.

Mondi has a dual listed company structure, with a primary listing on the JSE Limited for Mondi Limited under the ticker code MND and a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange for Mondi plc, under the ticker code MNDI. We have been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series since 2008 and the JSE's Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index since 2007.