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MM Karton's Top Brown cartonboard chosen by Belarussian company Onega as its packaging solution

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MM Karton's Top Brown cartonboard chosen by Belarussian company Onega as its packaging solution

April 16, 2021 - 07:46

VIENNA, Austria, April 15, 2021 (Press Release) -The Belarussian company Onega is disrupting the salty snack aisles with their Craft Chips, available in four delicious flavours and naturally packaged in Excellent Top Brown.

Craft – the food trend on everyone’s lips

Craft products are a food trend to watch out for. The term “Craft” stands in contrast to industrial production and refers to natural ingredients as well as a production process that is simple while requiring skill. While the term became widely popular with craft beer and breweries, the trend has transferred to other food types, and it is therefore no surprise that craft products are now disrupting the salty snack aisles. Craft foods are on everyone’s lips (quite literally) with rising sales and more than 50% Millennials, 45% Gen-Xers and 40% Baby Boomers associating craft food with higher quality. Packaging plays an important role in this and can increase the credibility of a craft product at the point of sale.

Onega is in it for the long chip

With over 20 years of experience in the Belarussian market, Onega is the largest producer of chips, snacks, seeds, peanuts and healthy snacks in Belarus. For their Craft Chips, an array of delicious handmade flavours isn’t the only feature that makes the product stand out. In fact, the salty snacks don’t come in the traditional potato chip form but in long and thin plates that can be easily snacked and already enjoy cult status in Belarus.

While Onega was already successfully running with this interesting concept on the potato chip, they collaborated with the local printing house Masterprint-Pak who rebranded the look of their iconic long chips with a very subtle and natural packaging made of Excellent Top Brown. The virgin fibre cartonboard was chosen as the perfect packaging material because “it underlines the unique craft nature of the product”. Excellent Top Brown has a consistently natural brown colour on the top and reverse sides with a perfect surface offering a natural appearance, while at the same time providing very good printing properties.