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Germany's Baden Board adds new “Grass Print” alternative virgin fibre to its recycled board portfolio

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Germany's Baden Board adds new “Grass Print” alternative virgin fibre to its recycled board portfolio

February 06, 2019 - 08:54

GERNSBACH, Germany, Feb. 5, 2019 (Press Release) -Baden Board is expanding its highly respected recycled board portfolio with the addition of the newly developed “Grass Print”.

Grass is an alternative virgin fibre that is collected in the near vicinity of the mill in Gernsbach, the raw material is grown to harvest several times per year and has a unique life cycle when compared to the production of 1 tonne of virgin wood pulp. When compared to virgin pulp large quantities of water can be saved and grass pulp requires up to 80% less energy to produce.

According to Uwe D'Agnone, the managing director of CreaPaper, 75% of total CO² emissions are saved by using grass pulp. In addition, the use of process chemicals is completely dispensed with during the production of the grass raw material.

“With Grass Print, we have developed a packaging material that offers great environmental benefits and also gives differentiation on the shelf. Making a conscious decision to buy these products feels great, "says Jürgen Schulz, CEO of Baden Board GmbH.

Grass Print will be made of 40% grass pulp, it will initially be available with a white reverse and will be launched in 400gsm. Depending on the packaging requirements and the customer needs, Grass Print can be produced with a white, grey or brown back and will be available in a basis weight range of 350 g/m² to 500 g/m².

"In discussions with customers, additional developmental requirements have already been noted." The extent to which we are aiming for an exclusive contract with a customer the coming weeks, "Schulz continued.

With the development of Grass Print, Baden Board has spoken at length with our customers and developed a product that we believe will enable them to stand out from the crowd and addressed a need in today’s market place, where greater emphasis is put on the use of new sustainable materials. Additional board grades are on the agenda at Baden Board, which will further help brand owners to differentiate their own products at the POS (Point Of Sale) from other suppliers.

About Baden Board GmbH:

The Baden Board GmbH is a medium-sized company with about 300 employees based in Gernsbach in the Murgtal. The "Baden Karton" business unit produces around 150,000 tons of cartonboard per year from 100% recovered paper. The business unit "Baden Packaging" is a packaging specialist and manufacturer of innovative packaging solutions made of cardboard with a capacity of approximately 60,000 tons of customized packaging for customers in the food, non-food and beverage industries.