German dairy producer Schwarzwaldmilch launches its milk products in Elopak's Pure-Pak Sense cartons with wave corner panel

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German dairy producer Schwarzwaldmilch launches its milk products in Elopak's Pure-Pak Sense cartons with wave corner panel

April 06, 2017 - 10:24

OSLO, Norway, April 4, 2017 (Press Release) -One of Germany’s leading dairies, Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH, has launched Pure-Pak Sense cartons with the new Wave corner panel across a wide range of its milk products. The new cartons were introduced in December 2016 following rigorous testing and research by Schwarzwaldmilch to find a package with the ‘best handling’ and ‘best brand fit’.

“Our brand “Schwarzwaldmilch” offers a lot of dairy products for daily consumption with the best quality milk from the Black Forest region. Our brand’s positioning is natural, solid and trustworthy,” explains Caroline von Ehrenstein, Marketing and Communications manager at Schwarzwaldmilch. “The packaging has to fit to our brand “Schwarzwaldmilch” in terms of general appearance, material and handling. We found that the Pure-Pak® Sense carton with the new Wave corner panel convinced us in every aspect.”

The new Wave corner panel provided enhanced communication for the main positioning of the new product. “We have a lot of different milks including a local milk, a meadow milk, an organic milk and a lactose free milk. Each of the products has their own positioning which we present on the packaging to differentiate products within the range,” adds Mrs von Ehrenstein. “The new Wave corner panel is a per fect tool to present the differences and convince the consumer of our special product concepts.” With the introduction of Schwarzwaldmilch Bio the new Wave corner panel has been utilized to highlight an on-pack promotion to support the launch. Designed in red the panel tells consumers that they can ‘win’ with the special promotion. “The new Wave corner panel enabled an amazing presentation for the promotion and we are seeing a high return of consumer. We are convinced that the Wave corner panel is one of the reasons why the promotion is so successful.”

The Wave corner panel is the latest feature for the waste saving Pure-Pak® Sense carton and provides the opportunity for a more dynamic and creative design. This new panel is excellent for additional communication of the product’s properties, for profiling new launches or for upgrading existing products. The Wave corner panel ends just below the “first touch” zone and Schwarzwaldmilch has used the new feature to great effect by extending the red design of the panel up and along the edge of the top gable. It is a striking and eye catching use of the carton’s feature creating an attractive and stand out package.

About Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH

For over 80 years approximately 1,100 mostly small family run farms have been providing Schwarzwaldmilch with milk that ensures the best quality dairy products. Within the large range of products everyone can taste the flavor of Schwarzwaldmilch’s decades of experience. Its product lines Schwarzwaldmilch Weidemilch, Schwarzwaldmilch Bio, Schwarzwaldmilch Breisgau Qualitätsmarke and Schwarzwaldmilch LAC lactosefrei have become well known and trusted brands in Germany.