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Flint Group Flexographic launches new nyloflex FTL digital flat top dot flexographic printing plate for corrugated post-print market

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Flint Group Flexographic launches new nyloflex FTL digital flat top dot flexographic printing plate for corrugated post-print market

May 20, 2020 - 02:58
    LUXEMBOURG, May 20, 2020 (Press Release) -
  • Highest print quality with lowest washboarding/fluting effect
  • Reduced press setup time, resulting in less start up waste of inks and substrate by up to 40%
  • Mylar and plate material cost savings up to 50% on a single colour separation

With nyloflex FTL Digital Flint Group announced the launch of a very low durometer flat top dot flexographic printing plate for printing on sustainable substrates with a higher content of recycled fibers and other paper and board applications in combination with water based inks. The core advantage of this new plate is the out-of-the-box reliable performance in fluting re-duction in corrugated post-print e.g. delivering a very appealing print performance on sub-strates like uncoated test liners or kraft liners in combination with a B flute.

From the beginning, printing on corrugated board has been troubled by the fluting phenome-non. Apart from other factors, the liner quality is one influencing variable. Another one is the dot shape of the printing elements on the flexo plate. “Flexographic plates with flat top dots, in contrast to common digital plates with round top dots, can reduce the unwanted fluting effect”, explains Dr. Eva Freudenthaler, VP Technology at Flint Group Flexographic.

Aiming for the highest print quality and hence lowest fluting effect as well as for a very good solid ink density (SID), the nyloflex FTL Digital is able to reduce operating costs and waste. It provides the possibility to use more recycled fibers in the substrate without sacrificing on print quality. Because of the combination of screens and solids on a single plate even on difficult substrates, it is possible to save plate material by up to 50% and reduce press setup time to register the plates. The inherent capability of the plate to form flat top dots with simple UV-A tube exposure keeps the plate making process simple and cost effective as neither extra steps like plate lamination nor extra consumables or special FTD exposure equipment are required.

“Since the launch of the nyloflex FTC Digital in 2017 we already offer a valued flat top dot plate to the corrugated post-print market. It has proven to be very versatile with respect to substrates that it can cope with, delivering excellent highlights in combination with good fluting reduction. Due to its higher durometer it naturally reaches its limit though at the lowest end liner qualities”, explains Dr. Freudenthaler. “That is why we have supplemented our plate port-folio with the nyloflex FTL supporting the continuing trend to more cost effective liners”.

Flint Group

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