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FEFCO holds its first online technical workshop entitled ‘Sophisticated fortune telling – monitoring and controlling our production processes’

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FEFCO holds its first online technical workshop entitled ‘Sophisticated fortune telling – monitoring and controlling our production processes’

February 24, 2021 - 10:57

BRUSSELS, Feb. 24, 2021 (Press Release) -The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) held its first online technical workshop yesterday (23rd February) entitled ‘Sophisticated fortune telling – monitoring and controlling our production processes’. Over 280 participants registered and tuned in live to the online event. Speakers from various companies and countries shared their latest innovations and gave valuable insights on how to increase production efficiency and how to get the optimum product quality from corrugated board.

The online workshop brought together suppliers and manufacturers of the corrugated industry; presenters were recorded while replying live to the audience questions.

Eleni Despotou, FEFCO Secretary General opened the workshop and thanked the FEFCO Production Committee for its input for the programme, the speakers, and the sponsors, EFI and Valmet.

The morning session focused on optimisation of processes in monitoring and quality control of the corrugator (the machine to create sheets of corrugated board).

Exciting new developments but also practical applications regarding paper and board temperature and moisture control, close loop quality control through online measurements, innovations in process monitoring, microwave techniques and the latest research developments in moisture sensitivity of paper.

The afternoon session highlighted developments on monitoring and quality control for the converting machines. Print inspections and print control on the converting machines were one of the themes. Another was the inline inspection on folding quality and gap control. Speakers also discussed the loss of compression during the converting process, and how to monitor it. These are all enablers for waste reduction and product quality improvement.

FEFCO Production Committee chaired by Marc Van Damme developed the full concept and programme of the workshop. In the closing address he thanked all companies and speakers who shared their innovations and experience in the field as well as the FEFCO Secretariat in charge of the organisation.

FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) represents the interests of the European Corrugated Board Manufacturers. Headquartered in Brussels, FEFCO has 17 Association members, all European national corrugated packaging organisations. The role of the Federation is to investigate economic, financial, technical and policy issues of interest to the corrugated packaging Industry, to analyse all factors which may influence the industry, and to promote and develop its reputation.

Europe’s corrugated industry in Europe makes about 48 billion square metres of board per year, enough to cover Denmark. It has 369 companies, 630 plants and accounts for around 100,000 jobs. Corrugated cardboard packaging is circular by nature: it is based on a renewable resource; it is recyclable and recycled in reality. The average box today is more than 5% lighter than 15 years ago and contains on average 89% recycled material.