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Duni introduces new Coppa concept of eco-conscious white bowls made from compostable bagasse and FSC certified cardboard lids

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Duni introduces new Coppa concept of eco-conscious white bowls made from compostable bagasse and FSC certified cardboard lids

June 04, 2019 - 13:13

MALMO, Sweden, June 4, 2019 (Press Release) -The Coppa concept is aimed at design and environmentally focused managers in the fast-casual food sector with a cosmopolitan clientele. It offers eco-conscious white bowls made from compostable bagasse and FSC-cardboard lids, which come in three sizes and three ‘whispering’ colours.

A colourful concept for today’s world

For many of today’s consumers climate change and individual dining experiences are high up on the list of priorities. With stories about global warming and images of food staying extremely popular on Instagram, this looks set to continue.

You don’t have to be brown to be green

The Coppa concept enables managers of take-away businesses, delis and HMR operations to minimise environmental impact and deliver colourful, personal experiences. And, in doing so, align with the values of their customers and meet the pick n’ mix trend.

The bases of the bowls for the Coppa range are made from robust, renewable bagasse, which is certified OK Compost as suitable for industrial composting. This upcycled material is made from the fibres that remain after sugarcane stalks are crushed for their juice. It has a low carbon footprint and, being bio-based, is entirely plastic-free.

Small form, big impact

Made from FSC-certified cardboard, the lids for the bowls feature a ridge for secure fitting. They are available in three elegant colours, which are colour-coordinated with the rest of the Duni collection. This opens possibilities to create eye-catching combinations of matching bowls and solutions like napkins.

Furthermore, by uniting a choice of sophisticated colours and smaller portion sizes, the Coppa concept makes it easy to playfully combine different foods. And, at the same time, add vibrancy and individuality to every serving.

Customisable and colourful

Duni’s customisation team can profile print the bowls and provide personalised stickers and sleeves. Due to the sustainable design of the concept, this brings managers opportunities to showcase commitment to the environment and boost their brand.

Melanie Jäger, International Senior Marketing Manager Meal Service, Duni: “With the Coppa concept you can be colourful and still care for nature. It not only opens up a world of possibilities for creating colourful, feel-good customer experiences; it also provides a neat way to meet the trend for small portions.”

Duni is a leading supplier of innovative table-setting concepts and packaging solutions.

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