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DS Smith increases its ranking to AA from A through MSCI ACWI Index, outperforming competitors within containers & packaging sector

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DS Smith increases its ranking to AA from A through MSCI ACWI Index, outperforming competitors within containers & packaging sector

January 12, 2021 - 06:47

LONDON, Jan. 12, 2021 (Press Release) -DS Smith, the FTSE 100 leading provider of sustainable packaging, has increased its ranking to AA from A through the MSCI ACWI Index, outperforming its competitors within the Containers & Packaging sector and further demonstrating its commitment to ESG and the circular economy.

The Index noted DS Smith's product strategy sustainability focus and, aligned with industry best practices, its proactive steps to sustainably manage its waste through new technology and innovations. This provides it with a competitive advantage with eco-conscious consumers.

Meanwhile, the company's strong business ethics practices means it outperforms global and home market peers in corporate governance. DS Smith also reports strong policies and practices to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including investing in low-carbon technologies and increasing the carbon efficiency of facilities and products.

The MSCI ACWI Index takes the information in its reporting process and scores companies based on their journey through disclosure and towards environmental leadership, grading businesses from ‘AAA’ to ’CCC’.

Wouter van Tol, Head of Sustainability, Community and Government Affairs commented: “The MSCI is an important benchmark and our recent upgrade to ‘AA’ demonstrates our marked improvement across a range of critical areas of ESG, including recognition of our inherently circular business model and industry leading performance in governance. While we are demonstrating real leadership within the Containers & Packaging segment, our new Sustainability Strategy provides the foundation for continued investment and improvement in key areas including carbon reduction and water efficiency.”

Through its newly launched Sustainability Strategy, Now and Next, DS Smith will continue to focus on the transition to a circular economy by partnering with customers, communities, governments and influencers to keep materials in use, design out waste and regenerate natural systems. It will continue to focus on CO₂ reduction, protecting biodiversity and reducing water consumption.

An international packaging company, it produced over 17 billion boxes in 2019/20 and is Europe’s largest cardboard and paper recycler, managing 6 million tonnes per year which is more than it uses itself. DS Smith is one of only 16 Strategic Partners of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – the recognised global authority on the circular economy.

About DS Smith:

DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated worldwide, supported by recycling and papermaking operations. Headquartered in London and a member of the FTSE 100, DS Smith focuses on creating innovative sustainable packaging solutions in 34 countries employing around 30,000 people. Using the combined expertise of its divisions – including Packaging, Recycling, Paper – DS Smith works with customers to deliver solutions that reduce complexity and deliver results throughout the supply chain. Its history can be traced back to the box-making businesses started in the 1940s by the Smith family.